Cadillac Solitario

Hi folks! Here I am with another cover:

This is an old Loquillo & Trogloditas tune. There are only 4 chords throughout the whole song (D, A, Bm and G) but with a different emphasis depending on the part.

In the verses the chords are arpeggiated, for which I used their triads in different positions of the fretboard.

There’s a pre-chorus part with Bm and G and the choruses follow the same chord proggression as the verses but this time strumming.

And finally, I composed a little solo which starts at 2:45 roughly and goes till the end of the song. For this solo I used the E pentatonic scale, trying to emphasise the notes that belong to each chord. For this I used 1st, 2nd and 3rd position and the first and 2nd position in the high part of the fretboard as well.


I always wanted to go to L.A.
Leave this city one day
Cross the sea with you.

But it’s been a long time since you left me
And you’ll probably have forgotten about me
I don’t know the adventures I will live without you.

And here I am
Sitting in an old 2nd hand Cadillac
By the Merbeyé (a club in Barcelona)
The city, at my feet

And a while ago
The last blonde girl that came to try the backseat has left me
Here at the Tibidabo’s hillside (famous Barcelona’s mount)

Perhaps the Martini made me remember
Baby, why didn’t you call again?
I thought I could forget you just like that
And still sometimes…you know…

And when the blonde girl left
I felt strange, I was on my own smoking a cigarrette
Maybe I thought: “nostalgia for you”

And from this curve where I’m still
I found myself staring at your barrio
City lights have trapped me

The sunrise will catch me
Sleeping drunk in the Cadillac
Underneath the palm trees, lonely crossroad

And people says that you’ve settled down
And here I am, drunk in the Cadillac
Underneath the palm trees, lonely crossroad
And you are not here.

Phew! Trying to transcribe the lyrics took me as much as recording the song, mate :sweat_smile:

Hope you like it, cheers!


Hi Jose, you are missing the attachment.

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Now, here it is. I was trying to translate the lyrics and saved what I had written just in case.

That was very cool Jose! Your playing is superb and loved the translated lyrics. Bravo :clap:!

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Thanks mate! :v:

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Great song José! Sorry you didn’t make it to LA, but I’d be happy with Barcelona (although admitting in the lyrics that you were drunk behind the wheel - even if you weren’t driving - might be a bad idea :rofl: ). I thought the solo was great too!

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Oh thanks, twistor. But this is cover, the lyrics aren’t mine :sweat_smile: The band was Loquillo & Trogloditas. I mentioned that it was a cover but I forgot to put the band’s name silly me!
However, the original song didn’t have any solo so I really appreciate that you enjoyed the one that I composed :v:

Hombre! I’m liking all these edgy hispano-indie tunes.
How can a song with such uplifting lyrics (Y yo aquí borracho en el Cadillac, bajo las palmeras) leave me feeling melancholic? :rofl:
Oh yeah- Solid solo.
Mas… mucho mas :sunglasses:

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Really great José. I loved arpeggiated triad chord style, they really gave the song some edge. Solo was terrific too. Well done.

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Thank you very much, my friend! :v:

It is a very melancholic song, mate. With my super sloppy vocals it is a lackluster amateur audio, but the original is a simple, yet moving song.

Haha, I was just being sarcastic amigo :wink:
Checked out the original of course, and very good too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Classic song that can easily pop up at 5 a.m. in spanish villages’ summer parties with the people drunk as hell but still remembering each line :grin:

That was great Jose. My wife and I visited Barcelona in 2019, the view from Tibidabo was quite something.

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It is a lovely place, isn’t it? I’m not from Barcelona but I visited the city several times and it’s great :ok_hand:

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That was great José. Thanks for the lyrics as well. That solo was very sweet.

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Thanks, mate! Glad you enjoyed this humble tribute💪