Caledonia by Dougie McLean

North of the border, this is a very well known song, but ironically, given the lyric, it hasn’t travelled as far as it should have……
Written by Dougie McLean in his early 20s in ten minutes flat, it’s a lovely, simple, reflective song of missing & returning, a great chorus too
He plays it in open C tuning. I’ve done an arrangement in standard, but aiming to get the feel of the original three chord song that is centred around a do-re-mi climb in the bass. Having said that, I’ve added a very respectful 5 -m7 - 4 - 2 - 5 -1 in the final chorus before the outro…


So easy and enjoyable to listen to. More of your stuff please!

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Your rendition transported me to a beautiful, peaceful place rather like Caledonia.


Thanks John, :pray:
Be careful what you wish for :rofl::rofl:

Thanks Brian,:+1:
The original is very reflective, and I was trying to honour that but without doing a straight copy cat version

Really great version Ruaridh. I enjoyed that, well done.

Thanks Gordon, really glad you liked my attempt at this fabulous song

So beautiful and enjoyable to listen to, Ruaridh :smiling_face:
Thank you for sharing :sunflower:

That was beautifully played and sung, you have a gentle touch on those strings that made it very enjoyable to listen to.

Enjoyed this, lovely rendition!

What a wonderful, beautiful and sad song.
And very precise, perfect performance.

That was beautiful, Ruaridh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Very gentle and soulful playing and singing. Always a pleasure to listen to your recordings :blush:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Thanks Jasmine , and also for your comments at the open mic tonight, - my first time doing this arrangement live
It’s a fab song to sing.

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Thanks Silvia, I’ve been working hard on that targeted-note picking pattern combined with the strumming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cheers Richard, Appreciate it :pray:

Thanks Nicole, :heart: and for your comments at the OM just now
It’s a song I’d like to perform enough times live - (tonight was this arrangement’s first outing) to get really get it nailed

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Thanks Leonid, I’ve been putting some quality time into getting this one down , so appreciate the comments :+1:

One of my favourite songs as it reminds me of home and you played and sung it well. Just drove back from Scotland, a pleasure to listen to as I arrive back in England dreaming of moving back up north. A song that is on my list to learn as it is so close to my heart.

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Chuffed you enjoyed it James.
Definitely one you should learn. It’s pretty straight forward in many ways, and very rewarding to sing

Excellent! You just picked up a new subscriber, sir.