California Dreaming (Mamas and the Papas)

Hey everyone,

I decided to share my first video playing guitar.

Worked on this song a little while ago. I’m really trying to improve my singing, which I’ve always considered a very weak spot for me.

This group is so amazing and positive. I’m open to any feedback. Thanks so much for watching.

California Dreaming (AVOYP)


That is the #1 song on my list of songs that I want to learn to play. I’m only 7 weeks into my guitar journey currently so it is way out of reach but I aspire to it.

I don’t feel like I know enough to give feedback other than I enjoyed it.

Hello Matt & well done! I enjoyed your video, thought that your strumming was solid, chord changes were good & that you definitely captured the vibe of the Mamas & Papas well. I agree that the weakest thing was probably the vox but as I have a difficult time with singing too, I don’t really have anything to offer there. Overall though, good job on California Dreaming & thanks for sharing!!!


PS I just saw that this is not only your first AVOYP, but looks like your first post in the Community! Great intro but how about a post about how you came to be here, how long you’ve been playing, your guitar journey so far, etc.? Introduce yourself ... - JustinGuitar Community


Beginner here. :slight_smile: I really enjoyed this cover. Only little thing I would like to mention, friendly, that I can imagine voice a little bit cleaner, but you still did a great job. I cant sing at all. I cant imagine I will play and sing and let people see me. :smiley: Do you have any more songs that you are working on? :slight_smile:

Excellent Matt, your playing was solid and clean. Vocals improved as you relaxed more into the song. Very well done, really enjoyed that!

Hey Matt, welcome to the community, that’s a hell of a way to make an entrance, well done :clap:

Playing was spot on and some terrific embellishments and strumming dynamics going on, that Taylor has a lovely tone.

Agree fully with Ian above that your vocals really came together as the song progressed and you relaxed into it. Maybe try going for a little more volume / being a little bolder when singing, I find this a real challenge as you’ve got to suspend some of that self consciousness about it but it can really help.

Can’t wait to hear what more you’ve got to share with us, thank you for joining the Community and giving us this :slight_smile:

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Hello Matt, and WOW what a first recording :star_struck:. Congratulations on that, it was really great :+1::clap::bouquet:! I enjoyed listening to you a lot :blush:.

Playing was very relaxed and solid. Regarding vox - it took me some seconds to get my ears used to it, but to be honest, after this short time I really liked it. It gave the song a special, but interesting vibe.

And I can tell you from my own experience, the more you sing, the better it gets. Don’t be shy, put some more energy into your voice. You will improve, for sure :smiley:.

And I totally agree with Tod, @CATMAN62 , I’d love to learn a bit more about you and your musical background :hugs:.

I genuinely enjoyed listening to your FIRST! AVOYP. I thought you did well on it. I really liked your vocals after you got going - unique in a good way. Your chord changes looked fine as far as I could tell. Hope to hear more from you and I also would love for you to go to the link that @catman62 provided and let us get to know you even more.

Very nicely played and sung Matt. I think you definitely can sing and like the others have said just trust yourself more and go for it. My sister is a singer and gave me that advice (I was a very shy singer) and I have never looked back. Great opening post!

Hello. It took me a very long time to get to this point. I am by no means a fast learner, but I really enjoy playing. I’m glad to hear you’ve started into playing. It is something you can get lost in doing (at least for me).

I’m sure there are lots of cool things you are working on. When you feel ready, this is the video I used to learn California Dreaming. If you get to it at some point, post it in here. I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for watching my video.
California Dreaming Lesson

Thanks for watching and for the feedback. The Vox is definitely a struggle for me, but I’ll stay with it. Good suggestion on the Introduce yourself. I’ve added a post for it.

I’m really glad to be here and be part of this community.

Hello. Thanks for the feedback and for watching the video. I appreciate it.

There was definitely a time I thought I would never play in front of anyone either. Though the singing still has work to be done, it is nice to share what you work on. I imagine you will get there at some point. What are working now?

I’m working on Shallow and Knee Deep (Zac Brown Band) right now. Both are difficult enough to stretch my skill but hopefully not so much that I can’t play them eventually.

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Thanks. I appreciate that. I actually felt better as I got into the song. Probably should have recorded it a second time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate the feedback and kind words.

I did feel a little better as the song went on. I think that is solid advice about trying to go for it more when singing. I am reasonably happy with my playing, but I am still very self-conscious about my singing. Thought to get past the mental part of that, but I’ll keep at it.

Again, thanks so much for the feedback. I’m really glad to be joining this community.

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Hi Nicole, thanks so much for the feedback and the advice. I really appreciate it.

You are the second person to say something to the effect that I should go for it more when singing. I mostly like my playing, but am self-conscious about my singing. It’s something I need to just push past. Anyway, I appreciate the kind words and the confidence that it will get better.

On your recommendation and Catman62’s added a background post to the site. I’m really glad to be here in the community. It’s been such a positive, upbeat groups so far.

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Hello. Thanks so much for watching and for the feedback. I appreciate the kind words on my singing. It is an area I am really self-conscious about, but want to get better. You are the third person to say something to the effect that it improved after I got going. Clearly, I should try to be less timid at the start. :slight_smile: Easier said than done.

I did add a profile post. I’m so glad to be joining this community. The entire group has been so upbeat and positive. – Thanks again.

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the feedback and advice. I really appreciate it. It’s good to hear someone say they think I have the ability to sing. Not something I’ve hear a ton in my life. :slight_smile: No excuses though.

Trust myself more does seem to be the consensus. I will take this advice and go for it more. Hopefully over time things will improve through repetition and not fearing the singing.

Do you feel like you improved nicely after you got past your shyness?

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All good Matt. I think the thing with singing is to not worry about it too much and just let it develop naturally whilst keeping in mind all the great advice people have said.

It will develop along with your playing and what a cool thing to say and feel happen. I look forward to your next share :+1::grinning::guitar:

Absolutely Matt. The best piece of advice I got and my singing improved immediately. One of the things I found the hardest was to actually get used to the sound of my voice on recordings. Once I got over that I never looked back. I have a long way to go to be a decent singer but I don’t hate my voice anymore and I am not afraid to sing in front of people. Just keep going and you will get there!

Hi Matt, I really enjoyed your performance, guitar sounded really tuneful, super transitioning from melody lines into strumming, nice rhythm. Singing and playing together not easy and I think you did a great job. :clap: :clap: :clap: