Camera Recommendations?

I’m not familiar with the Zoom Q8. But I recently got a Canon R50 to use to record videos and as a webcam. It’s great and has full mirrorless flexibility. Maybe something to consider?

I have a 9yo CANON EOS 100D that sees little use; could that one serve as streaming camera device? I’m afraid that, If it doesnt support “charing while operating”; the battery won’t last a whole show and it might even overheat?

The R50 has native webcam support - no software needed - looks like the 100D is supported by Canons Webcam Utility. EOS Webcam Utility | Canon Australia. I haven’t used it though.

I bought a thing called a dummy battery from Amazon for mine. A fake battery with AC adapter. My one works pretty well.

I’m no camera expert though. I got the idea for it after watching Justin’s latest studio tour and seeing his camera setup. I thought “what if…” and googled a bit and found some YouTube videos with setups.

I’m looking to update and enhance my own setup. I came across this which seems a good fir for my needs, maybe yours.

1080P 60fps wideangle etc

Personally I’d be cautious if you go anywhere near the Razer!
I dropped some £££’s on the Kiyo Pro about 2 years ago and after subsequently upgrading to Win 11 found that my system wouldn’t recognise it in the slightest. Attempts at updating the firmware were totally unsuccessful and the ‘support’ (sic) I received basically said the unit was out of warranty and ‘tough’ (it wasn’t, but I didn’t have time to deal with hassle to try and resolve further at the time).

The actual quality of the unit was decent, but just Google ‘razer kiyo pro firmware problems’ to see others experiences. I’ll be looking for a more supported brand next time.

Hi @Richard_close2u

I agree with @Weath72. I would not select a camera from Razer for recording what I think you plan to. Razer’s sales demographic is gaming kids, not music professionals and you can expect a service and product lifetime accordingly.

I have been a gamer for decades and my experience so far with service for that market is one of being treated like an ignorant teen that needs to be told who is boss - never the “customer is right” approach.

I think the adaptive light sensor and adjustable FOV sound like good features.


Just found this performance because I was looking for webcam recommendations.

Absolutely brilliant performance of a great song! One of the best I’ve seen on Justin’s site. Love it!


Thanks for the nice comment Brian! The WITJ single from Thin Lizzy was one of the first records I bought as a teenager, so it holds a special place in my memory. The solo that Eric Bell put together was a great melodic composition.

I’m still using the Obsbot cam and am very happy with it. A lot of money but I don’t regret it all - wish I’d done it earlier.