Camera Recommendations?

I’m looking for advice on buying a camera that I could use for community recordings/Open Mic events. I currently use just a webcam, and I’m constantly in soft focus (maybe not a bad thing!).

What I’d be looking for is something I could use to stream video, but with a better quality than my webcam. So, a camera which relied on recording a take, then transferring it to a computer wouldn’t fit the bill for example. It would need a real-time interface.

Just curious what other people who do this sort of thing (for example at our community open mic events)




Interested in this too, the camera on my MacBook is pretty awful for recording video :v:


So am I :camera:

Interesting topic, I’ll be watching this one.

There are many options if the price is no object so I’m hoping that someone has found a good solution that doesn’t start in the 4-digit range.

I tried out a Logitech Brio webcam as a low-cost 4K solution and as a webcam it’s fine but for shooting or streaming high-quality video it just didn’t do it for me.

This one was recommended by @Rossco01 Jason in a thread a while back. It’s in my wish list but I’ve not got one yet so I cannot give you my thoughts on it. I know it’s not a camera camera but I remember Jason saying it was very good.


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I’m using mirrorless Canon EOS M50 mk II. Can be turned into web cam as well with additional power kit. Default lenses are bit dark and work only with additional lighting set, brighter lenses will cost some extra penny but allow lower light environment.

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If you are no longer served by basic webcams, but not really ready for the DSLRs and mirrorless stuff try:


I have an insta360 and I like it a lot. Reviews praise obsbot even more.

I use this for Teams meetings which works fine for me.

@Stuartw @Pleasedodisturb @RadekSiechowicz Thank you all very much for the input. I’ll take a look at the options.


My old webcam is blurry. A friend told me that most phone have better quality camera than entry level webcam nowadays.

For the people that want to try, the DroidCam OBS Camera app (Android or IOS) allows us to use our phone’s camera in OBS on the PC.

OBS saved the recorded file on my PC and it worked pretty well. :slight_smile:

I’ve also heard about people using OBS for the open mic, so I guess that it could work for open mic too.

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How about one of these?


I just saw this on one of the stands at an event I am attending. I hate to think how much they cost.



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Personally, I think the best option is to go with a mirrorless or good-quality bridge camera like a Panasonic Lumix. A DSLR is a good choice too but you will likely be paying more for a support system to accommodate the added weight.

Just to finish off this topic, in the end I went for something simple (but fairly expensive!) - the Obsbot Tiny 2. This is another webcam but is way better than my old Logitech one. I’ll be using it at the JG Open Mic this weekend - hopefully I’ll look a little less “in soft focus” all the time.

I think if I was seriously trying to build a youtube channel, I’d probably have invested in a mirrorless cam, but I think the Obsbot will be good enough for now.


let us know how it turns out, kinda been thinkin about one myself. as mentioned above, the cam in my macbook isn’t so hot, fine for the occasional conf call but could stand to be a lot better.

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My camera :joy::joy:

Interesting little camera, looking forward to hearing about its performance.

This was a video I recorded with it on its next-to-lowest quality setting (wanted to keep the video size small)

I’m very happy with the performance so far


Nice quality but a hefty price tag too although not as expensive as something like a gopro or full camera. Looking at the specs it looks like it’s a 4k camera max resolution so it’s going to be a lot better than most webcams but that said if you’ve recorded on lowest but one you’re recording at 1280x720 so not full HD. I’d say record at 1920x1080 for full HD. The size of the file shouldn’t be too large. I find 4K files just too damn big too be honest although the quality of the final video is outstanding.

Thanks Jason, I’ll try the next size up next time.

To facilitate my sessions of the the upcoming JustinGuitar Clubs I was considering the Zoom Q8

Anybody here in the Community has experiences of better alternatives?
I’m a long time Zoom user so the was my go-to brand

My plan is to use it in conjunction with the presenter mode and switch between webcam/external cam and presenter mode (share slide deck) via OBS