Camo cam software

Has anybody ever used Camo? (by Incubate)

I’m testing this with my iPhone 14 over USB to my pc (not mac) and I seem to be able to use it without any annoying overlays like the OBS app on my phone tends to show if I don’t pay $80

Is there a hidden catch or are the enhanced video features (I don’t need) the only real reason to go premium?

The limits I discovered ared:

  • can’t chosedifferent FPS than 30fps
  • can’t apply visual effects
  • the guy who’s video I’ve got it from said he had some multi-cam issues at one point

seems like no showstoppers for me


Looks interesting for streaming, I don’t like OBD so it could be a nice option!

Looks an interesting option.

I will be doing a dry run later this week and if all goes well, I’ll be using it for my JustinGuitar Club on December 3rd. I played so much music that I cringe more after seeying my face than when I hear my own recordings :stuck_out_tongue:

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