Can a twisted neck be fixed?

My girlfriend was having trouble getting the B string to ring while learning the F barre chord on her acoustic. I thought it was her technique…but then I tried her guitar, and I struggled with it too.

We had an extremely humid summer here in Nova Scotia, and as far as I can tell, the neck has twisted. The headstock is not parallel to the soundboard. It is twisted down towards the thinner strings, which has raised the action on those strings, making it harder to play barre chords.

Is this something that can be fixed?

We have access to a good luthier, but it’s a cheap guitar, so it might not be worth fixing.

A quick googl suggests yest bu its not easy or risk free…

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Won’t your luthier advise on whether it’s worth fixing, or does he charge just to look at it?

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I agree with Ian, ideally get the luthier to advise if you can he advice for free. However, I would expect it’s going to cost way more than the guitar is worth. Assuming it’s a fixed (not bolt on) neck then I’d expect at the least it’s going to be a neck reset and that’s significant work.

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Chiropractor might help


Lol - though “cracking my neck” might not be such a good thing when it’s my guitar’s neck!