Can anyone advise and offer some foot tapping tips

Hi guys,
I don’t know if this is the right place because the forum changed a lot and I miss the old general question section.
However, I am studying blues studies, especially Lickin’ Riff section. I am tapping my foot to keep the time. The simple shuffle is ok because when you change notes, you press a fret and the foot tap. The solo part instead is really difficult because sometimes you need to tap when you play a free string, and not tap when you press a fret. My brain is used to tap when I press so almost without notice that I tap the wrong note. I tried slowing down a lot but it remains unnatural to me. Any advices?

Try listening to music and tap along with the beat. This might help train your mind and foot to tap on the beat. Then move into tapping while you play.


Don’t try and associate what you are playing with the foot taps to start with. Just try and tap your foot to the rhythm, try doing anytime your are listening to music, try and absorb the beat. Try tapping and counting while listening 1 2 3 4, get used to that without trying to play. Get used to it then bring it to your play. Have you watched Justin’s lesson this ?



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