Can anyone help with time signature & strumming of (port of) Amsterdam (Jacques Brel) / David Bowie version?

Hello did somebody tried this one? I guess it’s a waltz in 3/3?
Any strumming pattern ? I guess it’s D DUDU

Such a powerful song, wonder why Justin never cover it!

Waltz time signature is normally 3/4 but a Viennese waltz is 6/8.
Strumming pattern can be anything that sounds right, you need to listen to the original music.

Hi, had a quick listen (I didn’t know the song). It definitely seems to me like like either 3/4 or 6/8 time. And yeah, I think I’m hearing D DU DU.

Hi Eric,

I think that’s because he’s a bit lazy… because if he does about 20 songs a day, he can easily manage almost the entire world repertoire of good songs in a dozen years… :wink:
Greetings ,Rogier

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He did if you think about it; it’s the same melody as:

Hey Darrel, Thanks.
I knew that song as the piano opening from “Bowie live at Glastonbury”, played by Mike Garson.
But I never realized that it was " sounding" a bit like Amsterdam.
thanks for the hint

I’m just thrilled by Brel’s lyrics (translated by Mort Schuman). it’s like a movie.

And they turn and they dance and they laugh and they lust

Till the rancid sound of the accordion bursts

And then out of the night with their pride in their pants

And the sluts that they tow underneath the street lamps

In the port of Amsterdam there’s a sailor who drinks

And he drinks and he drinks and he drinks once again

He’ll drink to the health of the whores of Amsterdam

Who’ve given their bodies to a thousand other men

Yeah, they’ve bargained their virtue, their goodness all gone

For a few dirty coins, well, he just can’t go on

Throws his nose to the sky and he aims it up above

And he pisses like I cry on the unfaithful love

In the port of Amsterdam

:rofl: oohh words soaked in acid (Charles Aznavour)

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