Can apps be played on a smart tv

Hi I just wondering if the apps play on your smart tv or computer. Hope every one enjoying guitar travels thanks in anticipation. Paul

I believe Win 11 has the ability to play Android apps. Haven’t used it myself but there are guides online.

We just got a smart TV and it is on our home network (wired Cat 6).

To your question, I just now tested the “screen mirroring” feature on my iPhone 12, iOS 17.1.1, and it worked great. I used Justin’s fretboard app, since I still have it. I don’t have the play along music app anymore to test.

I didn’t play with it, but as screen mirroring, rather than a cast feature, the app is also on my phone screen, so I can control it with my phone. If it was cast, like “airplay” or “chrome cast” I don’t know how you would use an app that needs a touch screen.

Not sure what Android equivalents are, but I suspect there is an Android equivalent of screen mirroring.

Thanks for bringing it up, I hadn’t really thought of that. I have watched TV that I can get only on my phone and used “airplay” to watch on tv, but haven’t tried the screen mirroring before. Pretty cool, especially if you need to touch control something.

I really enjoyed the last year with no tv at all, sigh, but some in the family like movies.

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In my experience, you can screen mirror or AirPlay the Songs app from Apple devices to Apple TV and Roku, but not to Chromecast or Google TV (which I believe are based on Android).

Thanks for taking the time very much appreciated & helpful.

I have a Samsung smart tv and bought a wireless mouse and key board for it. Makes it a lot easier to use app on it. It also connects to my tablet so cam be used as a monitor

Just checked in from last time thanks oztelmann for taking the time in the end I got someone to do for me. ( i’m a unapologetic bommer)