Can I get the Song Books (in Canada)?

The version of I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash) on the app is at level module 13. The Song Lesson version uses just three chords. I would like to use a book to help. And I live in Canada so I can’t get the song book. Guess I’ll have to wait until I’ve advanced significantly. No big deal.

Stacey, why would this be the case? As I recall @mari has the song books and she lives in Canada. Maybe something has changed?

I live in Canada and yes I’ve got most of Justin’s Songbooks. I ordered direct from the website quite a few years ago, but I think Justin closed his physical store early 2020. On the website now it says buying options are Andertons or Music Room. They are both UK stores so the shipping might be pretty high, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t ship to Canada. An alternative though is Amazon. I Walk The Line is in the first Beginners Book, and that’s on for $27.19. I have an Amazon Prime membership which includes free shipping, and $27.19 is a good price especially with free shipping.

Another option is JustinGuitarTabs. All the songs he teaches on his website have chords available, and many have tabs too. There’s an annual subscription price to that, but it’s well worth it. I got it when it first came out, and I will definitely renew when my year is up. There’s also a monthly option, and also a 7 days free trial. You could check out the free trial and see if that would be helpful for you, it’s a great alternative to his books.

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That’s correct though I thought Music Room do international shipping. Try doing a checkout click-through and see if that option is available.

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See below for shipping from Music Room:

See below for shipping from Andertons:

As per James’ link for Musicroom, I would imagine Canada sits in the Rest Of The World group, as not listed separately.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner, yes, I would have presumed the same. I presume you would also need to factor in duty costs? I do like the free delivery for orders over €99, that just puts a match to the G.A.S.

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I’m in the U.S. and it is more convenient for me to buy on Amazon. However, since so much of the content here is free, I want my purchases to make the most impact for the site. Is there a specific advantage to JustinGuitar for the purchases to come through Anderton’s or MusicRoom?

Todd, I think (but not 100% certain) that Justin earns different income for book sales depending on the source.

And I think there was a link on the website that allowed you to link through to make an Amazon purchase (again not 100% sure) which ensured Justin’s income was a little higher. Had a quick look and don’t see that anywhere, so perhaps no longer the case or I am just mistaken.

I didn’t see one either. I probably won’t worry about it and just order through Amazon since I already have an account. I’m sure I will be making direct donations anyway, so it should work out.

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Just noticed that all of the Justin Guitar books are on the iTunes Store. So if getting a hard copy is difficult due to location maybe you could get them digitally on iTunes.

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It might be worth adding to the list of website updates to add the iTunes purchase options for the books and jam tracks. I would never have thought of looking on iTunes as the website only refers to Music Room and Andertons for buying the books and direct from the website for the jam tracks. You can also buy the three volumes of ear training exercises from iTunes.

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@Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team something to check!