Can I use the app in portrait on my Android tablet?


Just installed the app on my Lenovo Tab P11. It starts and stays in landscape orientation although the tablet is in portrait. I really like the app to be in portrait. On my Phone (Oneplus 6T) this works perfectly. Why won’t this work on my tablet. Autorotation is turned on…

Is this a feature or a bug?


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Works fine in portrait on my Samsung tablet.

I checked al the Musopia apps and none of the will turn in portrait on my Lenovo (I already tried the Ukeoke app, but also 4 Chords now) … wierd

@MusopiaApps @Musopia Perhaps someone from Musopia can chime in? I Wrote several support requests via mail and this topic here, but no reply from Musopia…

Really like to hear something and even more resolve this issue…

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