Can someone explain how to read this scale diagram?

Its a scale position diagram.

The orange dots are root notes (G)

The numbers are notes in the scale (1st, 2nd , 3rd etc)

So its a G major scale


Thanks Rob. Now it all makes sense. Thanks again.

Note - that does not quite match the CAGED pattern 2 D-shape that Justin teaches in the Major Scale series of lessons.

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This one here. If you are going through Justin’s course and you learn a pattern that is different than the one he is teaching it will be very challenging to unlearn and also progress in the courses. Not that scale is wrong per se, but the course build on one another and if you have a pattern down that is different then you may have issues when he builds on the basic scale pattern.
Just FYI.

Thanks for the link, Richard. I haven’t gotten to that series yet. I wasn’t trying to play the scale diagram. I had no idea of how to read it. I’ve come across diagrams like this several times and didn’t have a clue on how to read them. Justin’s my guy. Excellent teaching source. Again, Thank you.

Note some scale diagrams with numbers will indicate what fingers to use rather than the note number in the scale

Got it. Thank you.