Can’t choose NGD - Martin SC-10e or Taylor GTe Urban Ash, or M 000-15

Hey all,

I’m in perpetual guitar selection process now. Spent hours in music store, played multiple martins and taylors. Thought about Taylor American Dream series, but tried to narrow to two.

I got these two, and going back and forth between them: GTe UA is 1100€, all solid, but somehow very bright, I can’t get used to it (and people criticize it for that). Other woods are cool, but it’s instantly 1800.

SC-10e is great, 1400€, innovative, comfy, has both from Martin and Taylor worlds, but I’m hesitant about the veneer sides. Does it matter a lot?

I’m a beginner player, getting into grade 2, I have an American professional strat, and decided to get an acoustic I like to pick it up and play any moment.

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Potentially strings but mate if you dont like the sound dont buy it.

Could be made of toffee or the best spruce it doesnt matter if you dont like the sound


IIRC, Taylors ship with Elixir phosphor bronze, which are a “warmer” sound. I think Taylors are known for a brighter sound; some call it crisper, some say it’s a more modern (as opposed to traditional) sound. But if it’s not your cup of tea . . .

Yes, it feels like I want some of the guitars mentally, intellectually, but sound-wise I’m drawn to random other ones. I want to start playing and practicing though, instead of being in limbo mid-guitars :sweat_smile:

Urban Ash has a weird flatness to it, I couldn’t love it. I liked the guitar as a thing, but when it played I cringed

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Guitar shops should be setup different.

You walk in - no guitars.

Taken to an audition room, blindfolded, handed a series of guitars the assistant thinks might suit your requirements.

You choose the best sounding most comfortable to play instrument

They wrap it and send you home…


I get your point, but that wouldn’t work for me. Right or wrong, the visual aesthetic of the guitar is important to me. And I’m damn sure not good enough to be playing blindfolded in front of anybody.

I wouldn’t let the veneer turn you off the guitar, it’s veneer over solid wood. I have the SC-13e Special Burst and everyone time I pick it up to play I’m amazed at the beauty of the sound. Check out this review SC-13E | One Man's Guitar it’s got some info on the SC-10e too

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Fair point. I also fantasized at Martin introducing an all-solid consumer-level (as in not 7,999$) version, but it will definitely be above the sc-13 special pricing, where the choice width becomes reaaaaaaaally notable - it’s probably harder to choose a guitar with a budget of 5k than with a budget of 1k

Have you tried any other brands apart Martin & Taylor? There’s so many manufacturers building exceptional guitars now, especially in your budget. Eastman-Yamaha-Alvarez-Breedlove-Faith- just to name a few are making top spec, solid wood instruments between £500-£1000 that rival guitars costing £3000+. It’s definitely worth getting your hands on some to try. I know you’re eager to get going and don’t want to dilly dally too much, but choosing the right guitar for you is extremely important imo. Having a guitar you never want to put down is a wonderful thing :v:

If you can, try Seagull/Godin acoustic guitars. They are Canadian made and absolutely wonderful sounding, great quality and definitely a better bang for the buck. I’m not sure what the cost is like in your location compared to Canada or U.S. but if they are available where you are they are worth the time to check out.

Martin does have all solid wood entry level guitars. Check out the road series. Solid wood with not a too bad price tag… agree with you on Taylors… way to bright sounding :grin:

I made my choice and verified it watching this channels videos, perhaps it will help to make the right decision. Good luck!

Shop assistants wholeheartedly recommend Eastman as cost/benefit gold, but I’m not planning to support China in any direct way, with all due respect to actual people.

I’m sticking with Taylor and Martin as they create “object of desire” for me, meaning that I really like the craft, style and whole design/heritage package. So, I’m ready to overpay for brand/heritage (and simultaneously lose some of the value-per-dollar) to be excited while looking at the guitar.

It all started with “I’ll just go and buy a GS-Mini Rosewood” and now after spending a month-worth of weekends in Session in Frankfurt, I guess it’s easier to just leave SC-10e and learn to play better, and then return to the question in a year or more (or less :smiley: )

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The only Godin I’ve seen is that hollow-body electric for 2k, everyone praises it. But light-wooded non-painted electric-bodies creep me out

There’s also a guitar I forgot to mention (and I liked it for its simplicity) - Gibson L-00, all solid, american made, very simple, but very nice. Has a soundport.
Gibson G-00?

1000-ish, but I read online reviews and everyone articulated its mediocrity :frowning:

Returned all of them! Now I’m just confused and left with my strat :frowning:

I loved the playability of SC-10e, also went to the store and tried sc-13 special sunburst, sounds the best out of 3 SC versions.
Also loooved the custom gear ratio on tuners, but it’s 2400€, so not today.

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