Can we do hyperlinks to forum sections? (solved)

So you know when you want to put a hyperlink - you put the URL and you put description in. Simples.

Now what I would like to see is perhaps a second tab in hyperlink pop up - one tab would be as above, second tab would allow me to toggle through different categories/topics within the forum and just insert it into the post. So for instance I just replied to Toby to put his thoughts into New Community issues and he can find it below - that’s when I do hyperlink, select it off the list and just click insert so relevant link can be inserted in.

Hope this makes sense?

Hi there, you can use a # followed by the category name and you’ll see a dropdown I believe. For example, #new-community-issues-and-questions links to the New Community issues category. It only works for categories. Let me know if this works for you and if it answered your question?

Looks like it does for categories, can we do the same for topics or it’s not possible?

sounds nifty, works for categories only indeed.
I’ll note it as “nice to have”

Not sure if #[topic] would be beneficial, as from what I have seen so far each new post equates to a topic (not reply). Once we hit the ground running the topics will run into hundreds quickly and thousands in time. So the # would result in a huge response/list, unless you knew what/where you wanted to go. At #[category] could be expanded from the 5 that are listed now. But I’ll keep an open mind. If #[topic] or something similar can be introduced, we can check it out during testing to assess the benefits ?
Just my 0.0001 euro - exchange rate is pretty carp at the moment, :whale2:

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I think there are two ways to link to a topic.

  1. Clicking the hyperlink :link: icon in the editing post box. It told me to paste a URL or seach topics. So I did typed ‘Hyperlink’ and this topic/thread was suggested (see images below). It will become very hard to navigate once the Community is full of topics with similar names…

  1. Just using that same hyperlink :link: icon below the first post of a topic and copying and pasting that link either just like that or using the URL optional title option under hyperlink icon in the editing box (first image again basically).

This is my test copy-pasting the link from the first post in this topic. There’s even a little bit of content that comes with it:

I guess it depends if you prefer having multiple tabs open top copy-paste or happy to search through the long drop down list.

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Cool find Babs!

On a desktop, i’d rather use a second tab and copy paste myself but on mobile this could be useful.

Since this is answered without any fix needed, I can put it in the how-to section

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Sure, maybe you can combine all of it under an appropriate title. You also might want to rephrase my replies as my english is not always the best. I found this on Discourse this morning if you need inspo for the How-to topic Discourse New User Guide - faq - Discourse Meta :slight_smile: