Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John Lesson

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I think this song was put in the wrong Grade. The F chord is in Grade 2 module 8 Slash chords don’t come until Grade 2 module 14 and stuck 3 chords Grade 2 module 8. Walking base lines and thumb over are defiantly not a beginner techniques. Your going to have a lot of frustrated grade1students.


Fixed, thanks!

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Absolutely beautiful rendition of the song. Thank your daughter for the recommendation, I can’t wait for her next one!

Rick @stitch
I had a quick look at this a few hours ago and thought Grade 1 was a bit optimistic, but had not looked at the whole lesson, sometimes Justin gives a beginners version.
Well done in get it corrected.

Thanks for this post!
I read comment on Barred F, and I want to add that “F”, in m most applications, can be played as FM7, which now makes it very easy to play.
If one is having a problem with the sound of FM7, then simply not strum the high E string, still play the FM7 without strumming the high E string.
Keep on playing!!!
For Grade 1 folks, I would suggest singing and playing the guitar, makes you keep up with chord changes, even at a very slow pace in the beginning.
But do sing while you play guitar.
Develop the callouses on your fingers, and the strumming hand development is also of prime importance, developing rhythm and cool beats, not just an up and down motion.
Play every day!!!

This song is not in the app right?