Can You Play Guitar, My Boy? Hello from CYPGMB

Hi there!
Started my guitar journey properly at the beginning of lockdown. I’ve had a noodle around since I was at university which was ten years ago now :scream:
Confident with all of the beginner course which was crucial to my development. Acquainted with a lot of the intermediate course but still learning a lot too. I find that a lot of Justin’s song tutorials really help with progress, after all that’s why we’re all here… to play the music we love! I also had access to the practical music theory course which I might activate again when I have some downtime in my personal life.
This community has been really important to me and I would love to give back so I’m all ears to knowing how to do that!
The name CYPGMB comes from a Courteeners’ song called Fallowfield Hillbilly. The retort is quite offensive so I left that out of my username.
Keep on rockin’, ladies and gents.


Iain just join in the general chatter, listen to other folks recording, provide feedback and support, hey come along to the Open Mic or sign up for a slot, that’s pretty much all you need to do on the How side Oh keep sharing your recordings to encourage others.




Good to see you over here, Iain.

As Toby said, just be active here, contributing insights and answers, listening to other people’s recordings and offering them encouragement and tips.


Hi Iain, so glad you’re here with your wonderful singing and playing. As Toby says, jump in, join conversations, exchange info, be part of the interaction. :bat: