Can you please help me structure my practice routines?

Hi All:
Hope everyone is having a great start to their new year.

I am a little over half way through Beginner Grade 2. I’m one of those people who had a guitar for years but never took lessons, am not naturally musical, would put guitar down for years, and only now started to make any progress after finding Justin Guitar.

I enjoy going through the modules and am trying to take my time. I’m struggling with structuring practice. I’m not struggling with practicing. I try to ensure i pick up my guitar each day, even if it’s just for a short play through of a song or two. It’s more a question of how do I go about structuring my practice. When I go through a module, i do what is happening in the module. For example, in the module with some variations on G, F chord changes, first finger A … I do all that as I go through the module and spend a bit of time practicing these, but i don’t really have much structure to my practice. I just do those things until i don’t completely suck at them and then maybe move on to the next module and repeat.

But at this point there have been a lot of modules and many more to go. I don’t really get the idea of setting up my own practice routines. If I keep adding in a bunch of things from all of the prior modules my practices would be hours long. Any advice on how to prioritize in and structure my practice sessions would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum Robert.
The last video in every module has a practice routine with add text under the video. Are you following this routine?

Hi Robert, it sounds like we have a lot in common! I’m about in the same place - Beginner Grade 2 - after trying off and on to learn guitar over the years. I’m not in a hurry, but I did find myself pushing through the modules at one point. I was relying solely on the app at that point, and I switched to the website. Went back and re-consolidated Grade 1, started Grade 2 over again. This has been really helpful for me! I still love the app for playing songs, but do my lessons and track my practice on the web. I retired in mid-2022, and have a lot more time to practice and think about guitar now. (Edited to add: As well as to read and sometimes respond on Community.)

To reply to your question: I’ve been using the practice routines Justin provides on the website. Additionally, if there are chord changes that I struggle with in songs, I’ll add in some practice on those. There are some skills for which I haven’t found a song I like to practice. (An example is that first finger A…I’m having similar experience with the sus chrods.) No worries - the time will come! For example, I found a tab for a song I love (that Justin does not do) where the two-finger G is a perfect fit, and even recommended.

Finally, you’ve probably seen the mantra on the Community: Play Songs! Play Songs! Play Songs! Now that I have more time, I’m doing a lot more of that. If I get bored with the song, I try to choose one aspect of it to change up or improve on - like changing the strumming pattern, or maybe adding in some of those sus chords. It’s wonderful, and I’m seeing the benefits. That said, most days practice is closer to an hour (and often more) than 30 minutes.

I don’t strive for perfection in the skills, but rather “pretty good for a beginner” level. I think of this like studying anything: in the introductory level of a subject, everything is new and the idea is to understand it and try it out. In the next level, skills and concepts are revisited (we have the benefit of familiarity with them now!) and expanded upon. I’m hoping that holds true for guitar as well.

That’s probably a lot more than you wanted to read! Hope there are one or two helpful sentences here.


Don’t know if this is any use to you.
I have a journal I keep and every week I decide what I’m going to be practicing.
I’ll include a pic for reference but there are usually a couple of songs I’m learning. I usually put improv on there and something techy maybe scales or a chord change or an exercise I’m working through. The songs/solos bit is just me revising things I already know.
I find the most important to thing to do is decide on the previous Sunday what would be good to do the next week, so I decide when I’m not actually practicing. It just lets me get on with it. You also have a record of what you’ve been doing and not doing :joy:. Might help


Thanks so much for providing the pic and suggestion. I definitely think i could benefit from taking a more structured approach to my practice sessions. I have been using the app and I do systematically follow the modules but am much less structured with the practice sessions. The structure may help me make connections between what still needs work from prior modules and where i am currently in the progression.

I do, but have to admit that i haven’t been looking at it each time. I think the issue for me has more with how do i identify and link what i still need to work on from prior modules to what i cam currently working on, in a manageable practice session.

Thanks so much! It does sound like we are in similar places. I, too, am not rushing things at this point (at least i don’t think I am). I don’t seek to master everything before i move on but i do try to stick with most modules for a while until i feel i have made some progress. Your suggestion to move to using the website really resonated with me. I have been relying solely on the app. I agree that it is really helpful for songs, but i am missing integrating the practice element effectively. I’m fairly eclectic in In terms of music i like although fairly limited in my exposure to different kinds of music. In terms of that one finger A, i find Mad World by Tears for Fears a good one for that … fun song to play with 4 chords but not overly difficult. Good one to incorporate that A grip (is that the right use of that term?) :grinning: