Can you recommend a place for lessons / tabs for metal and hardcore

I wouldn’t expect to delve too much into the world of metal or hardcore, but does anyone have any recommendations for websites with tabs or beginner tutorials for this style? Thanks!

Not sure if anywhere metal specific, but ultimate guitar, songsterr and guitar pro’s tabs are where I look for tabs if Justin doesn’t have one.

Quality varies tab to tab - particularly I’ve found even ultimate guitars paid tabs are sometimes inaccurate. But you can’t argue with the sheer volume.

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Guitar365 has good lessons on a lot of metal songs :slight_smile:

How you looked in Justin Guitar he has all kinds if metal songs.

I recommend getting a metal specific book like Troy Stetinas books and use Justin’s method to practice it. I find that non justin books have good content but fail in explain exactly how to practice. Justin is excellent at teaching you how to practice effectively no matter the content.

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Thanks for the replies,I’ll definitely check them all out!
An yes I love following Justin’s method of practice, I actually look forward to completing it most days :slight_smile: