Cannot run the app on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LTE

Hey guys,
i downloaded the justin guitar app through the play store. However, I can’t get the app to run. I only get a loading icon and the text: “trying to connect to the server. Please check your internet connection.”
It can’t be the internet, since I’m writing this post from my tablet :smile:

I reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and restarted my tablet several times. I can not get the app to work. It works via phone, but the screen there is too small for me and I would like to use the tablet.

Device: Samsung Glaxy Tab S6 LTE
Location: Germany

I hope you can help me.

Welcome to the forum Dennis I’ll forward you message to the app team
@MusopiaApps can you give Dennis a hand

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Dennis, I suggest you also send Musopia an email:

I can’t download the app. I have a samsung galaxy tabA

Unfortunately, this is an extremely common problem that’s been with the newer version of the app since it originally came out. What I’ve found that works (iPhone), is to change your connection between wi-fi and cellular while the app is looking for internet…that seems to kick it into realizing you have a connection. This is pretty much a daily routine getting it to work. :wink:

I have now tried many things and also tried the workaround from Burnspot. It just does not work. I’ll probably switch to another platform then. Too bad… :neutral_face:

I have managed to successfully install the app on a Samsung Tab A, although it didn’t start the first time and I had to re-install it. It now works fine.

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Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback regarding Samsung Tablets and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the stability of these devices. We have been looking into this for a while now with our QA expert and still cannot find the reason why they are having issues.

We are now currently running a full user test for people that have these devices so we can get super accurate reporting to help us with our troubleshooting and overall development for Samsung Tablets :slight_smile: