Cant click "pay now" on the premium courses

So i was going to buy the premium course for music theory, though after filling in my bank information and completing the captcha, I found that I was unable to press the “pay now”-button. This seems to be the case for me on each of the premium courses, and I was wondering if anyone on this forum were perhaps familiar with this issue?

Thanks for your time :smiley:

Welcome to the Forum Oscar
I’ll report this to the mods @Richard_close2u to help you out.

The course is defiantly worth getting.

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Hello welcome to the Community.

Sorry to hear of your troubles.
Can you please email @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team using Part of Fanny’s job is to take care of Customer Service.

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | Community Moderator, Official Guide, JustinGuitar Approved Teacher

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Thanks Richard
I’m still getting used to the new players on the field and their positions.

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@stitch - no worries and thank you for the alert to me.

This made me chuckle.