Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Very nice to listen to, Mark. I love your vocal tone. You played it very well too! Look forward to more from you.

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Thanks Pamela!

Hello Mark,
Wonderfully played and sung, :sunglasses:…Deep bow from this side of the ocean.
A little remark, if I’m in charge ,your guitar can be a little louder,(and take that as a compliment),…but if you don’t I listen just again next time.

Thanks Roger and no problem. I think you are probably correct. The guitar did seem a little in the background after exporting the file and hearing it online.

Hi Mark, good playing and singing. I have the song in the list of songs I want to play (to practice the fingerstyle patterns). Now I have a reference to look at.

Thanks Andre, I actually used this song as a sort of meditation of sorts. I would read my email or articles while playing it softly in the background. I hadn’t pulled it out in awhile and it felt nice to refresh my memory. I look forward to hearing your version.