Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

I decided to try a one take song. Had the user not errored in hitting record properly it would have been. So, it turned into a 2 take song. :roll_eyes: Next time I will make it a 2 coffee take instead of 1.

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley


That was great, Mark. You really need to sign up for the Community Open Mic and join that fun if you haven’t already done so. And bring Jen of course. In fact I would swear I heard some soft vocal harmony in that recording.

Thanks David, I offered to do a song in the May OM depending on the date. We are traveling to Spain next Monday for 3 weeks.


Oh yes, I remember now. The Spain holiday jogged the aging memory.

Very nice, I really enjoyed that, nice vocal and fingerpicking.
Just my cup of tea!

Thanks Gary!

That was great Mark. A favourite song of mine. You’ve just inspired me to add it to my Module 11 practice routine to freshen it up a bit. Very well done, I enjoyed that.

That was very good. Really calming and just made my evening. :slight_smile:

Thanks James, I look forward to hearing your rendition!

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Thanks Kamil!

That is an OM ready material, fabolous really dug it and as a fan of the song I think you did it justice!

Thanks Adrian, next time I will even make sure that I am sufficiently caffeinated. :smile:

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Bravo Mark! That was tremendous mate.
Terrific playing and great singing.
Early morn here in Australia - a great start to my day. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Shane

Thanks Shane! I appreciate it. And good morning!

Super stuff Mark. Great playing and singing.

Like Adi said, OM quality, so make sure you hit that sign-up button when you feel ready.

Thanks Stefan. I did sign up for May but it depends a lot on the date. If not there is always the next one.

That was super nice!! Love your vocals and fingerpicking. Did not sound like a practice take to me!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Byron, I appreciate the support.

Lovely and nice and mellow. Fingerpicking and the vocal were good.

Thanks Trevor.