Can't Help Falling in Love - ELVIS (Cover) Fingerstyle

My first Fingerstyle.

Justin made it look so easy. But I can assure you, it is nothing of the sorts, at least not for me. 10 months of practice every day, and this is the best I can do. I can sing it karaoke, no problem. I can play it much better without vocals, but as soon as I start singing, the whole thing falls apart. I shall revisit it in the future, cos right now I am positively sick of it. LOL. Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis (Cover) Fingerstyle - YouTube


That was really good Sandy. Steady picking with all the notes sounding pretty even volume wise. Great vocal too. Well done.
Singing and playing fingerstyle requires a lot of concentration. Justin talks about getting the picking pattern on autopilot but that’s easier said than done!

Dig the Elvis shades. :sunglasses:

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I thought it was lovely, Sandy. I recently started Justin’s Folk-Finger Style course and can bear witness to how challenging it can be to learn to automate finger picking and doubly so to synchronize it to a vocal. For me it has been a humbling experience. Nicely done, press on…

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You’re so kind, Gordon. There’s lots of errors in there, but the singing covers it up probably. The A7 to Dm is really hard. I chose the Fmaj7 instead of the barre, but it’s really hard to finger pick it properly, I find. Singing and strumming is much easier, for me at least. But I love the sound of fingerstyle so I will keep it up. I’m practicing a Rod Stewart song fingerstyle, but it will be long before it’s ready… The shades? Is cos I didn’t want to bother with eye makeup.

Thank you so much. It is really harder to sing and finger pick. We’ll both get there in time

That was well done Sandy. To me its harder to finger pick and sing than strum and sing. You did very well indeed and should be very proudof yourself. You may want to experiment with the rotation of your picking hand as it looks as if its almost vertical that would affect the tone you get when finger picking.

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Thanks for the advice. Problem is, I can’t change that posture. My forearm needs to be in that position, or my picking fingers go numb all the way to my elbow. I must have a pinch nerve. Eventually I will try to get a parlor guitar for fingerstyle if it helps. I will have to try it out first.

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Hi Sandy, yes a smaller guitar would definitely help as I can understand the difficulties playing fingerstyle on a larger guitar. For example you may want to play the bass notes muted which is difficult if you find the guitar large. Btw if your interested in some fingerstyle song lessons for beginners let me know and I’ll DM you a lesson for a song I was looking at that is really good and would suit you really well.

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That’s kind of you. Send it my way, don’t know when I’ll be able to practice it though. Not sure what you mean by: playing the bass note muted

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When playing fingerstyle often you will palm mute the bass notes. I’ll send you the link the now. It’s quite a nice song, I’d never heard it before. For me to play it I’d have to rewrite the lyrics.

Is there a lesson on how to palm mute the base note? Justin didn’t show that in his lesson.

Socio. OK, I know what you mean, but my thumb is too short… I tried many times, I can’t mute the base notes

I’ve not seen it on Grade 1 and 2 lessons. Not sure if he covers it later. I’ve been doing a supplementary course for beginners during my Grade 2 consolidation. Its basically just like palm muting power chords.

Hey Sandy! Wow I loved your rendition! Nice played and well sung! Awesome keep it up! :slight_smile:


Thks Bytron… wished I could’ve have done it better… I can sing it way better than that, but the two together is real hard. Anyway, I’ll republish a better version down the line. Thank for listening.

Np i actually just recorded it also, I love that song! :slight_smile: You made me do it lol. Thanks Sandy cheers! :slight_smile: Your guitar playing is getting better and better!


Glad I inspired you … yours is probably much better than mine.

So enjoyed that ma’am! I totally get what you are saying about putting it all together makes something either on vocal or instrument more difficult. I just started really working finger style exercises into my practice about two weeks ago and my head would explode if i tried to sing with it much less really try s song yet. The real question is when are you going to take it live to an OM? Keep it up any bumps (didn’t see/hear many) only get smoother…Rod

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Thank you, Ron. That’s nice of you to say. But I can’t play live cos most of my covers takes me too many takes to get it passable. And my songs are not the kind of songs for the OM, I think anyway.

Not trying to push and you have to make that call but I can tell you it’s lots and lots of takes on my end and when it’s go time I still have issues live or recording. That’s why I just get it close (an arbitrary term :grin:) and send it. I don’t have the skill or the patience for much more :grinning:. All I’m saying is you are probably closer than you give yourself credit for. On the genre front I’m thinking most anything is good for OM just keep playing what you love!….Rod

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