Can't Help Falling in Love - guitar cover

I recorded this cover of Can’t Help Falling on Love.

I was wondering if you folks have any advice or feedback as to how I can improve or if there’s something I really need to work on?

I had a metronome playing in my ear going at about 64bpm.

Thank you and much appreciated!


Hi, that’s a nice guitar arrangement. Is it your own? It’s nicely played and the rhythm is right for the song.

Hi Vin,
Very sweet,very nice to listen to :sunglasses: :clap:, and it would also help a lot if you included a video because then more people listen and then much more specific advice can be given,


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Great! I see you write the tune yourself, great work on that!

A lot of aspects could be worked on, but have to focus on one at a time. It might sound bizarre to you, but I suggest to play without listening to metronome. Getting the feeling is utmost important and I believe it improves the overall smoothness in your play.

If possible, try to understand the way the original artist performing the song. While building my repertoire, I play along with the original tracks and getting the feeling right first few attempts. Yet still, I have to work on the rest of the technical parts; for certain sections, might spend days or weeks doing that :sob: :sob:

I think @Majik could offer great advice on the electric guitar and its gears. Good luck and happy learning!

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Thank you! and I shouldve clarified, these were tabs I found online, apologies!

Great advice, thanks, I’ll do that next time if possible.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry I didn’t clarify, I didn’t write this myself - they were tabs online, I’ll make sure to be clearer next time.

And I think not playing with a metronome is a good idea! I do play smoother one the odd occasion I play without it, maybe I should do it more. Thanks!

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Hello :hugs:, that sounds sweet. Time is quite good and I agree that trying to play without the metronome can help sometimes. I wonder you’re playing reading the Tabs or you have memorised the piece?

Great job, I really enjoyed this! It’s a solid melody you are playing there, and it’s evident that you put some time into it.

Nicely played. Beyond my abilities to suggest improvement, I thought it was really good.

Thank you for listening!

Thank you so much!

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: I memorized the piece but I guess trying to play in time made me sound a bit stiff

Great performance @sundog90! Very clean playing.

I have a suggestion on what to work on (which is also lacking in my playing, and something I’ve been working on). It is about when you finish each note. I’m noticing that, sometimes, you end playing a note, to make time for your finger to make it to the next note in time. This sounds like the note you just played ended up abruptly rather than where you wanted it to end. It is a very subtle thing, e.g. if the tempo is 60 bpm, and a note takes one beat, you may normally want to hear it played for, say, 98 milliseconds. But you are forced to play it for 95 milliseconds, because you need those extra 3 milliseconds to move your finger to the next note. But it is not consistently 5ms, it depends on how difficult your next note is to move to, rather than how you want your current note to sound. So that 5ms is not consistent, it is sometimes 2, sometimes 4, sometimes 5. That becomes noticeable. When professional artists play, I do not hear that inconsistency as to when each note plays and ends. In your playing, I hear it a little bit so I think that’s something you can work on to sound nicer. I hope this makes sense and you find it useful.

Happy to hear that! I love learning to play melodies too so I understand what you mean. I think that your timing and overall playing was quite accurate, that to me means you have a very solid foundation to build on! Wish you an Happy New Year and I hope to hear more of you and your melodies in 2023 :blush:

Thank you for the feedback! yeah that’s a really good point I wonder if practising without a metronome might help me smooth that out

Very beautifully done, thank you!

I would echo the advice to try without metronome. I find it as a useful practice tool to identify places where I tend to speed up and slow down without realizing it and also places that I have trouble keeping up which need more work.

I think practicing both with and without is essential, because pushing and pulling the tempo slightly allows the music to breathe, and I personally think performances should always be without it (although I know there are professional artists who do perform with a click).

The other thing I would suggest focusing on is varying the dynamics. The guitar is such a wonderfully expressive instrument that responds to how hard you pick and strum, so don’t be afraid to play around with that a bit more to see what sounds musical to your ear.

That’s it. Overall, it’s already a wonderful piece that I think you are pretty much ready to perform in front of audiences, whom I’m sure will be very pleased!

Thank you so much! I’ll experiment with that :slight_smile:

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I really enjoyed that Vin. That was some nice, steady playing.

I can’t offer advice as I’m not that skilled…yet.

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thanks! :slight_smile: