"Can't miss" festivals this season?

What are your “can’t afford to miss out on” festivals this season and why?

For me, it will be Hyvinkää Rockfest (Thursday), because of Steve’n Seagulls, Rancid and Battle Beast.

As well as Tuska (Sunday), because of The HU, Ghost and Dreamtale.

Unfortunately for me it stops at “can’t afford”, even though that’s a line-up not to miss. Especially because all these bands have so much history and crossovers. The most bizzare one is that Axl Rose at some point in early 2000s hired a psychic that supposedly told him that there’s some bad energy coming from Maynard James Keenan directed at Axl (or something along these lines, can’t remember from top of my head).


Wow. So many big names at one festival…

I’ve been coming to France’s Hellfest festival every year since 2011 (except for the pandemic years, of course), and this year’s line up isn’t the best, but it’s still impressive:

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Impressive indeed.:grinning: Will you be there for all four days?

Of course, it would be a waste of a trip otherwise, since I don’t live in France.

Makes sense :smiley: Easier for me, with both event locations less than an hour’s drive away from where I live…

The big festival in Chicago each year is Lollapalooza so might check out the line up. I am going to see Noel Gallagher in Chicago next month and then Bruce Springsteen at wrigley field so that might be my lot for the summer :joy:

Yes, Lollapalooza is a really big name. Don’t they even have some sister festivals in Europe? Stockholm or so at least?

I will take a look at the lineup as well. It’s actually starting to become a hobby of mine to discover new by checking out festival lineups with help of a certain streaming service. Every band resp. performer gets a three song chance…if the music is any good I will end up listening to the whole album or potentially more. So much good music out there and so little time… But so far it has worked just fine. Right know I’m still at Jaime’s Hellfest and discovered so much good stuff already. Like AEPHANEMER (melodic death metal from France), never had heard of them, but they are really good…

Springsteen :smiley::smiley::smiley: I saw him 16 years ago in Frankfurt, it was magic, absolutely unforgettable.

Have a lot of fun!

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I think they do. Funny but I actually saw Springsteen back home in Dublin 16 years ago also. Obviously the same tour. Enjoy checking out those festivals!

You mean the Seeger sessions? Do you remember the guy playing tuba? He was fabulous :star_struck:

For me, it will be Springsteen at TW Classic.
30 years ago, 3 days before my 17th birthday, Springsteen performed in Ghent. My brother, then 21, and his mates were going, and they had a spare ticket. He asked if I wanted to come with them. Well, yeah, absolutely! Unfortunately, my mother wouldn’t let me (in her defence, it was a school night, and we were going through some difficult times family-wise). I never managed to go to one of his concerts since.
This year, my brothers and I will be celebrating this 30th anniversary at TW Classic, while watching Springsteen. Couldn’t be more appropriate, I think :grinning:


No, it couldn’t. And what a nice story :slightly_smiling_face: In case you happen to talk to him (just kidding of course), tell him that there that one festival in Finland attracting old legends. Pori Jazz. I’m sure, they would gladly give him a slot next year :smile:

Sure will do! :joy: Just get me a couple of tickets then, ok? :wink:

I really don’t remember but most probably was as it was around the same time. I do remember being mesmerized by Clarence Clemons though.

It must have been a different tour then after all, because I remember being bit disappointed not seeing Clarence…

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I’ll be completely honest - every festival I can afford to miss out, because I don’t fancy spending my time in a tent near forest surrounded by mosquitoes (which is most places that they hold festivals in my country) and thousands of drunk people. :rofl:

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Brutal honesty is always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you done both weekends of the anniversary edition last year?

I wanted to go this year as well, but it clashes with a few gigs I already had tickets for.

Yes, last year was glorious after missing it for two years in a row. The first weekend was very good, and the second one was even better.

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