Cant sleep Lmaoroflcopter

Sup guys! Its 4:40 am right now haha i got 4 hours of sleep and cant go back to sleep. What you guys into?

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You still awake Byron?. 7pm here, so I’m wide awake, researching microphones.


Yeah i am lol. Where you from?

Go count guitars quickly,…goodnight :zzz:

Lol I wish…

@Bytron08 Im in Australia mate, with all the convicts.

Haha, i hear ya.

Planning on making any more videos?

Hey Byron. Some newer players posts on here with some unanswered questions. That’ll keep ya busy for a while.

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Definitely mate. Havin issues with mics and sound though. Only pretty new to that stuff. Thats why Im researching. And thats why I queried you today abour your setup.

Only got a USB condenser mic atm. Looking for a boom to attach it to the desk/table, so I can position it easier.
Have a mic input on my amp, so might get a dynamic mic /standsoon. Eventually gonna get an audio interface, but want to sort out some basics first.

Yeah i dont really know much about setups myself. Will be interesting to see what you come up with!

When i got all my stuff i was looking for a cordless setup where i can perform in public that runs off batteries. Only thing is they dont last long lol. As for recording for youtube I use a Samson G Track Pro recorder. A 1080p webcam which i wanna upgrade eventually. And OBS for recording all my stuff. Sometimes i use Vegas Pro Studio to edit my videos if im not using my looper.

Plenty of great info on here I’ve found. Your videos always have a good balance between your guitar and your voice, which is why I asked about your setup.

I think once i get this mic boom, things will improve alot.

Just wondering too. Is an electric guitar on the cards in the future for ya? Would love to see you smoke on one of those.

Man… I use to have like 3 or 4 electrics but i sold them all like a dummy… :frowning: Wish i still had them… I had a epiphone at one time on one of those big ones like chuck berry use to play. I had a fender telecaster and a fender strat at one point. And thats about it but i ended up selling my good amp and all my electrics and just went straight to a acoustic. Im more of an acoustic guy. I cant really shred so yeah… But i wish i still had them for sure :frowning: Maybe ill get another one one day and actually not get rid of it lol.

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No idea what time it is now for you, Bytron, early afternoon for me on Sat.

I’d go with Shane’s suggestion … if it’s too early to play then put headphones on and start listening back in AVOYP. There are probably loads and loads more postings that you’ve not yet got around to watching. AVOYP is so active these days, it’s hard to watch them all. But if you have time, I’m sure folks would appreciate your encouragement. This in addition to all the postings you’ve already taken in.

Just enjoyed your Knocking with the looper video.

If I am awake at 4:40 am…I am either producing music or I am watching a cool movie or TV series. But nowadays I generally try to go to sleep early. Trying to be an early morning person.