Can't slow down (Saves The Day)!

Funny, I listen to The Loved Ones, The Only Ones, Saves The Day, but when I play - I play the Blues. I get why I F-it up by playing too fast, I just don’t understand why it’s always the blues…Rushed Blues…


Hard to critique in isolation with no BT as I don’t know the song but it sounded ok to me. Yes there looked to be a couple of fumbles but not many. I would just focus on those pieces, slow the right down until they become automatic and then ramp the pace up with the rest of the solo. Nice tone btw ! :+1:


Hey - thank you for the honest feedback Toby, greatly appreciated!!! You’re 100% right, I fubbed it in a couple of places, working on trying to get into a groove. Yes - my glasses falling off of my face, bouncing off of the guitar and smacking the ground was as serious flub! You don’t know the song because it was made up of little riffs, I heard someone else play it and tried to put it back together myself from memory.

Again - thank you for the feedback!!!

Good stuff Jim. Nice tone on the guitar as well. Your glasses falling didn’t even make you break your stride.