Capo for the songs


got the app on black friday and love it sofar.

One thing though, I just wanted to ask if the CAPO feature will be added into the app soon, so we can play along with songs that require a CAPO so they match the lessons on the Youtube channel.

Or am I overlooking a feature?

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Thank you for asking!!! I have this same exact question.

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Would really appreciate an answer . :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks like the CAPO Feature is still being developed so you are not overlooking a feature. We will just have to eagerly wait with anticipation.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for the question and discussions about the capo feature! It’s one of the most requested feature from our users and we listen closely to the feedback.
We add the “capo feature for the song” on our roadmap. Hopefully it will be implemented during this spring or summer, if everything goes well.

Feel free to make a post or vote here in our Upvoty boards if you have more requests. Here is a link to our roadmap and the request boards:
Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs App []

Best regards,
Musopia Support Team


Fantastic, that’s great to hear. I have been using the app and loving it, but I just got the songbooks and noticed that half of what I’ve been playing has a capo in the books, but not in the app. It’s literally why I’m on the community forum right now :slight_smile:

Is there any progress on this? We really need the capo feature that we lost with the latest version…