Capo issue with 12 string acoustic

Hi all, Does anyone have a solution for me? I have a well set up 12 string acoustic with a good lowish action but when I capo at the first fret I find the 6th, 5th, 4th & 3rd thinner strings on the 12 string are quite muted, obviously as a result of the vastly different (thicker) string gauges they sit beside. When “capoing” at the second fret and further up the neck it isn’t a problem, just when the capo is at the first fret. I have a high quality capo too. Not a huge deal but all a bit frustrating!! Any suggestions for a fix? A capo with harder rubber onto the strings?? Cheers & thanks.

As far as I know you need dedicated 12 string capo, like this one for example.


I’ve got this one and it’s pretty easy to use:

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Thanks for your input, Radek & Jozef - the G7th Compensated capo looks like it will solve the problem! Thanks heaps - cheers, Paul

Didn’t even realize this was a problem till I read this thread and tried to capo on the first fret with my Dunlop 84FB, which is otherwise great. Thanks for useful information.

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Find a dedicated capo for 12 strings.
The part that clamps the strings should be longer.

The Dunlop 84FB is a dedicated 12-string capo, but is not compensated. It works well from the 2nd to the 12th frets, but mutes strings when placed at the first fret.

I too have the G7th Newport Capo and recommend it wholeheartedly, compensated is the way to go.
One caveat though is you can’t use one with any of the Rickenbacker 12 strings as the string pairs are reversed compared to other brands.

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Good to hear you’ve found the G7th Newport capo successful, Richard. I ordered one a couple of days ago so I should have it soon & look forward to trying it out. Sounds like it’ll do the trick!!
Thanks for your feedback.

I have faith in the G7th solution, as they are my goto brand because obvious reasons.
I didn’t realise this was an issue until today and seeing that G7th has something for that, that would be my first reflex as well :smiley:
Curious if it works.

Thinking of it.
I’ve only played a 12 string once…12 string lefties are quite rare and having to change 12 strings kinda puts me off :smiley: …I would need a copo for it though :smiley: