Capture guitar with Scarlett 2i2 while recording video?

Hi @ReneAsologuitar

Ok, that’s what I thought. What you’re describing is changing the audio input device in System Preferences of the mac. That’s what I thought you were doing.

Thanks for checking back in.

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I think I am about to enter this rabbit hole.
The other side of the equation is capturing the video. I am sure this will have been answered elsewhere but not been able to track it done.
I would be using a pc lap top which has a built in web cam, is it worth investing in a separate usb web cam, they don’t seem very expensive and presumably would give better quality.
However they nearly all come with built in microphone, can you disable this in favour of the 2i2, if so how do you do this?

@jjw1 , @MAT1953 ,
In Apple Menu, System Settings, Sound, you can control your input and output.
Audio interfaces are your connections to instrument and microphone to your ac.
QuickTime Player has a pretty good camera you can use as you are producing a Movie, recording yourself playing a guitar (microphone 1 or plugged directly) and singing (microphone 2).
I am using QuickTime Player for my recordings, and utilizing my IMAC camera.
You can check out the camera quality in my recordings.

Thanks Rene @ReneAsologuitar
Mine is a Windows laptop but guess it will have similar functions as a Mac.
Up to now only recorded on my iPhone or iPad however last night I did briefly try out the inbuilt camera on the windows laptop and the image displayed on the screen was poor which surprised me. As I have used it a lot in the last couple of years for Teams and Zoom meetings always thought the quality was ok, so I need to investigate the settings. Also going to do some recording on Windows laptop and see how it compares.
Definitely at the entrance of the rabbit hole and about to disappear!!!

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Good luck, and have fun!!!

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There’s a built-in app on my (ancient) Windows laptop called Camera that let’s me record video with sound. Don’t know if it’s still there in the latest Windows releases.

On my old version of Windows you go into the Device Manager and you have to disable all the other microphones which it continues to use by default despite a USB device being plugged in. Took my ages to do this but eventually it uses the Interface I have (not a Scarlett). Unfortunately I can’t remember all the things I had to turn off but its a matter of trial and error.

Peter @rorystrat
Thanks for your input
My windows 10 laptop does have the video camera app.
Not looked at the device settings something to look at in the next few days.

Camera app will pick up your default or set microphone, if you do what Rory says you will be good to use only Camera app. As for the separate camera goes those inexpensive ones are not providing much better quality than an in built laptop cam, advantage is that it’s easier to set it up to what you like whereas with laptop you can only have small field of manoeuvre by tilting your screen or moving your laptop backwards and forwards.


Thanks Adrian @adi_mrok fpr your comments.
Interesting about what you say about the quality, big range avaible for well under 50 GBP and much less.
I can see the advantage in a wider angle view that they seem to give.

For the camera the ability to move it around is the big thing. I’d go for something branded for instance my Logitech C920 (which is HD) is far superior to the ones built into my laptop…particular the front facing camera which is generally lower quality on most laptops.

You can get plenty of “unbranded” amazon specials which claim to be HD (usually 720 at best). I’ve got one as well and the difference between it and the logitech one is night and day. I’m not saying all branded are better but do your research.

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If you have an action camera (e.g. GoPro) or DSLR, some of these can also be USB connected and used as a camera input.



Jason @Rossco01
Good advice, not set a budget yet but a quick look would suggest they would be in my price range.

Majik @Majik
I don’t have one and if I have looked at the ones you mention, look good but outside my likely price range.

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