Capture guitar with Scarlett 2i2 while recording video?

What app would I need for recording video on my Mac while capturing the guitar via my Scarlett 2i2?

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OBS Studio would do it.

There may be others, especially on the Mac.




Hi Howard, yes OBS tends to be what alot of people here in the community use, myself included. The 2i2 is set up as an audio input along with whatever camera you’re using as the video capture device.

OBS is a free piece of software, pretty good from my limited experience with it so far.

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Thank you both, @Majik and @Notter. I will look into OBS Studio.

I’m wondering if one could use QuickTime and simply set the audio input device to the audio interface (using mac System Preferences). Has anybody tried that?

It would be even simpler than downloading and learning OBS.

I record separately but at the same time. Iphone recording video and Mac and focusrite recording the audio. I use adobe premiere to sync the audio/video together and remove the audio from the iphone recording. I’m sure there are free applications out there that do similar things.

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I am using QuickTime Player.

@ReneAsologuitar how do you get QuickTime player to use the audio coming from your audio interface (and not the Mac’s own microphone)?


Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll give it a try.

I do have Premiere as part of Adobe CC, but I work in print and the learning Premiere and the workflow you’re describing seems like more than I want to pursue at the moment. Thanks!

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Totally get that, Premiere is a pretty big product that can seem like a pretty monumental task to learn. I’ll say this though, it’s a lot easier to do than I initially thought. It did take me a couple of hours to wrap my head around at first but now when I make a video for youtube it takes around 10 min to do.

So, I tried this and it works, if you’re happy with the audio straight out of the 2i2. E.g. for acoustic guitar, it’s fine. If you’re used to using GarageBand, though, for adding effects to your electric guitar, then this technique doesn’t work, the audio will go straight from the 2i2 to QuickTime, i.e. the GarageBand effects are not captured.

I hope that makes sense. For the record, I just went into Preferences and set the audio input device to the 2i2, plugged a microphone into the 2i2 and then recorded a movie with QuickTime.

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Yes, that makes sense. I don’t need effects. Just wanting to hear the pure guitar sound as opposed to the room sound as picked up by my iPhone mic. I’ll have to give a go and see it it’s what I looking for.

Hi @alexisduprey , I have done similar things as you describe here. Because you import the audio from the Scarlett separate from the recording on the iphone, or whichever tool you are using, before you start playing it is worthwhile to use a count in with clear sharp taps audible on both media, so you get the synchronisation right in Premiere. Also, in Premiere you’ll have to delete the sound track that came with the video, and replace it whith the stuff you recorded with the Scarlett. @jjw1 obviously has the more straightforward solution - its the one I have used with the OM Zoom session I participated in, admittedly on my PC Laptop.

I did my last AVOYP in QuickTime with a discarded webcam I found in the loft when looking for music books. (I couldn’t get the Mac to see my new webcam). XLR Mikes and guitars DI’d are going into the Mac via an analog mixer out of its Phones socket and into the ancient Mini Mac’s microphone in socket. I overdubbed the vocals onto the video in GarageBand. All of this cost me nothing in new gear. I have also been playing around with editing two videos together in iMovie which also came free with my old Mac.

@hobart Quicktime should do the job, might need an audio tool called Blackhole to bring both audio sources into the single recording.

Check out these clips, they should give you the idea. They might not be on the exact scenario you want, but the skills demonstrated should help you get the desired outcome.

Some other clips that might help with some other things you’ll encounter.
(resolve left channel only capture)

His videos in general are really good I find. Hope you find them useful also.

Kind regards,

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Interesting. Thanks!

I found that Adobe Premiere Rush allows to do the same thing in a very easy way (syncing video and audio track manually) without all the burdening features of the full Adobe Premieren in this context.

It takes me usually less than 5 Minutes to sync video and audio track, mute original camera audio, put some kind of title and a fade-in/out at beginning and end using Rush. And Rush is completely free.


You can use OBS as other suggested, iMovie is also free but not as straightforward in my opinion. Just make sure you have your interface set up to be the audio source before you hit record! You can configure that in System Settings.

Bonus: If you have (or download) Garageband which is also free, you can open a movie and EQ, add compression, reverb, delay, etc.

There is a setting you have to do in Mac to tell it that your are not using the installed mic, and for the system to pick and use the mic in your Scarlett interface instead.
I am not able to exactly point it out at this time.
I will try to get back, as soon as I find the details.