There was a post last year about making picks from cardboard:

I recently came across this video which goes several steps beyond that:

There’s also a video with Billy Gibbons and Matt Sorum that’s worth a watch, especially if you enjoy the Blues:

Of course, it raises the age-old debate about “tone-wood” but, notwithstanding that, I encourage you to enjoy this moment of mad genius.

The channel has plenty of other crazy cardboard related shenanigans too, including the drum kit played by Matt Sorum in the video above, a bass guitar, as well as surf boards and other stuff




Interesting (and fun) videos, Keith :smiley:
For me the real question is: When does really compressed cardboard become MDF/wood substitute? You can apparently make guitars out of anything, if you can make it rigid enough and cut it. The hook here is in the word cardboard, which everyone associates with weak/floppy :wink:

Do you think they are the same guitar? They look identical apart from the logo on the scratch plate :thinking:

The thing that intrigues me is the number of, apparent, holes in the thing. Are they really as they look, or have they filled with with some sort of clear epoxy. In which case it’s a rigid polymer guitar with cardboard encased in it.

However, the discussion seems to suggest that is not the case, although I expect there’s a fair bit of epoxy in there regardless. Not least, the comments on how light it is suggests there’s more cardboard than epoxy. And it certainly doesn’t look like all those holes are filled with much.

Either way, I can’t see the structure being particularly “resonant”.

I’m also intrigued how they got the neck strength. They glossed over that in the videos. Clearly it has a truss rod, but how did they get the strength at the neck joint?



I didn’t see any evidence of epoxy in the build.
I think the essence is in compressing the ‘cardboard’ (probably with some kind of chemical bonding agent) to get it super strong so you can form the honeycomb structures lending it the strength.
You can hear it sounds like wood when the neck/headstock hit the counter.

I was making some assumptions based on how they built the drums in that video.



Hasn’t Martin been making fretboards of essentially cardboard for years now?

Their HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Guitars are basically compressed paper and resin.

Yes, they call it FSC Certified Richlite. And bodies of the cheaper series are made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate/sounds way better than I thought) .They say, one argument for the fretboards is that they are more evenly in structure as wood and have no deadspots. (Didn’t see the videos above yet.)

I have a Martin GPC X2, which has the HPL body. I didn’t realize it was paper based.

It sounds quite good…to my ear, at least. It feels quite “plastic-ey” to the touch, however.

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I remember watching another video of this some time ago. The cardboard was definitely reinforced with resin. It’s mentioned in this video.

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I think, the model I tried was out of this series, the backside of the body felt a little weird, but as you wrote, the sound was very pleasing.

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Interesting stuff and the guitar looked very cool. I wonder how much they will retail for?

Nice to see Chester pop up in a video but sad at the same time.