Carl here - where should I get started? Tips to break through an "intermediate" slump?

Hey Crew,

Have played for decades, but haven’t been able to jam with my band due to Covid and kinda fallen into a slump. Just discovered Justin Guitar, yeah I’m slow, and am overwhelmed with the content.

Are there any ways of “testing” what level you’re at? I’m pretty good at rocking out a few songs and solos from tabs, but haven’t touched theory or worked on technique since a teenager. Would love to get comfortable actually jamming out blues and digging deeper into some rock. Was curious if anyone had ideas of a few great places to start from different levels to sort of get of feel for what the levels are, etc…

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi and warm welcome to Community. I suggest having a look at site map and watching a few videos from each grade to get a grip how Justin teaches and how much of the stuff you actually know.

Justin is revamping intermediate grades which will take some time, but you can easily follow videos that are already in there as they are super helpful. See link below.

You have plenty options to choose from, when I started with Justin I basically started over from Lesson 1 and some videos I just wizzed through as I knew how to play open chords etc and at some point I just started watching everything that I didn’t know or I was lacking foundations of.

Hope that helps but if not give us a shout.

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, having fun clicking around, will dig in and explore…

Hi Carl and welcome

As Adi says take a look around at the site contents and lesson maps but if you want to know where you’re at, I’d recommend starting at Grade 1 and moving up until you reach unfamiliar territory.
There will be a lot you have already covered and know well so most likely won’t tale you long to find your level. But there could well be useful material you have not been exposed to before and it may flush out some bad habits - we all pick them up ! I completed both Justin’s Beginner and Intermediate courses a number of years ago but I am now going back over the updated modules and finding new stuff. So worth it to work from the bottom up.



Welcome, Carl, good advice to follow from Adrian and Toby.

I would reiterate what the others have said. There is never any harm going back to basics. You may surprise yourself and learn new stuff right from the start.

I would recommend you start from module 1 and work up. You wil probably whiz through the early stages but it’ll help confirm where you are until you get to somethimg challenging.

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