Carry On - The Lost Dog Street Band (Cover)

Hey folks!

I’m back, and some of you may notice I already did a cover of this fairly unknown band but I’m obsessed with them right now, I just had to learn this song.
I usually practice a song for a week or more and upload the first recording but this wasn’t the case, learnt it yesterday and have been fighting to get through the whole song, this is the first recording that I didn’t completely screw up some of its parts :rofl:

Keep rocking and check out the band, I really recommend them.

PS I left a thing at the beginning of the video that was funny to me, sorry if it takes you out of it.


Lots of energy and enthusiasm here Kevin.

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Like Maggie said, felt the energy in this one, Kevin. You are doing well with the learning of songs and making recordings.

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You did a great job with the one Kevin, especially seeing as you did it with just one day’s practice.

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Nice job Kevin. I’d never heard of this one before but the way you play/sing and indeed the song itself is reminiscent of a Mumford and Sons style song. I did look up the original and it’s got a much more country/folk feel…to be honest I much prefer your version…I think your vocal suits it more.

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@batwoman @DavidP Thank you both! I’ve been trying to enjoy playing songs more and be more “energetic”. As Justin says, try smiling when you’re playing to get into it :slight_smile:

@SgtColon Thank you man, it was a struggle to be honest to get comfortable with the strumming and the note picking, and getting comfortable with the lyrics as well. But at the same time very rewarding.

@Rossco01 Wow thanks, I wasn’t going for that but I love Mumford, so it’s great to hear. Glad you enjoyed it!