Cars: Just What I Needed (1st AVOYP)

Hello. I didn’t realize there was a separate video posting area so here is my first one. I am in grade 2 consolidation and just over 3 months of playing as a new lefty. I have a couple acoustic songs to post up as well. Feedback always appreciated.


Sounding good @jpparlier. Can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to start over playing guitar left handed after so long playing it right handed.

Good control in your fretting combined with clean right handed playing make this a good sounding piece Jeff. Solid progress it seems, well done you :smiling_face:

Hi Jeff,
I don’t want to take it too easy, so that’s why I put this unnecessary sentence before it,…but I completely agree with Maggie :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
and do I understand correctly that what JK says you played right-handed for a long time? that case, double respect,
Greetings ,Rogier

Nice work Jeff, tight across the board. Nice tone too :slight_smile:

Good vibes on your ‘debut’ :smiley:

You’re an interesting guy, Jeff-
Lefty who played righty for decades, now learning lefty from scratch :thinking: :+1:
You chose a great song by the Cars for your power chord workout.
I (and I believe most beginners) found fretting the hardest aspect when starting out, but your chord shapes seem deft and comfortable.
I do think you’d benefit a lot from keeping your strumming hand moving continuously with the beat when playing. Have a look and you’ll see that you often stop till the next note.
Purely out of curiosity, do you ever still play righty, or have you stopped completely?
Well done! :sunglasses:
Love the old guitarist :heart:

They said, ‘You have a blue guitar- you do not play things as they are’
The man replied, ‘Things as they are- are changed upon the blue guitar’
(Wallace Stevens, The Man with the Blue Guitar)

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Thank you everyone.

I appreciate your feedback on keeping the strumming hand moving more. I will have to study my vid and see. I know this is an issue for some acoustic strumming songs I am working on as well.

As for playing right-handed, I do not do it at all at this point. I still could play power chord songs, etc. but I feel at this point it would be even more confusing for my brain :laughing:

My goal is to fully commit as a lefty (with a good working right/fretting hand) and see how it goes. I never really had “formal” lessons and was self-taught as a righty so I had many well-ingrained bad habits.

BTW: did you know the Old Guitarist is a painting done over a previous one? In the original and some prints you can see a woman in the background :face_with_monocle:

Vibes from me on your first AVoYP Jeff. That was a great power chord workout. I liked the tone you had too. Maybe turn the backing track up a bit?
I’d forgotten about that song, I must refresh my memory of the Cars.

The Old Guitarist needs to work on his posture! :smiley:

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That was great Jeff I don’t know the original but you sounded good, I admire the fact that you are learning to play using another hand, wow! You could twist a guitar in the middle of your show for some extra cheer one day :grinning: all the best!

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Jeff and what a treat it was.

Big respect on learning to play lefty, it sounds great. You make power chords look easy.

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Hi Jeff, sounds good to me. I write and draw with the left hand but I’ve never tried to play lefty. Could be a Paco de Lucía waiting to be awaken on that side. Good you found a way to keep playing the guitar.

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