Casting or direct connecting iPad to TV

I know this thread exists, but there has been a change and I’m wondering if anyone has a solution. Before I purchased this subscription I checked its ability to cast from my iPad pro to my Apple TV and it worked swimmingly. Unfortunately now, It will only cast the image with no audio. As a work around, I tried connecting it directly via HDMI cable but that had the exact same problem: Video with no audio. I checked other apps, and they were capable of casting both audio and video in both connected and wireless circumstance.

Has anyone else solved this problem? What was your solution?

I’ve just tested this and it works fine. Mirrored wirelessly my iPad Pro via an Apple TV on to my telly, sound and video works no problem. Sorry I don’t have an answer for you about why yours isn’t working but it’s not that the app doesn’t work

Nope. Not for me it’s not. :man_shrugging: