Castle on the hill live SOS

Everything about this song seems pretty easy and I can play it fine if I revert to standard strumming (learned and played it like 4 years ago but just with a basi strumming concept) but when I look at ed playing it here: Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill (Live) - YouTube its night and day and the percussive nature of his playing is hard to beat.

I can see the logic and can play it like he is playing albeit with quite a lot of tension and fatigue by the end (working on that)
but when im trying to sing at the same time it falls apart (mainly at the section when the bass moves from the f sharp to the G) is this a rythmic thing? im getting pretty frustrated not because I cant play it but because I cant figure out what makes this so hard for me.
anyone with a similar experience or anyone with any ideas what im messing up would be awesome

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Welcome, @ozswillis !