Catalog of Some of Oldhead49's Songs Since at Justinguitar

I told people I wasn’t going to migrate songs from the old place, but, after thinking about it, figured if any one of these inspires or encourages someone, it’s worth the time to do it. I hope it doesn’t have the opposite effect. This is a partial catalog of what I’ve learned over the soon-to-be five years here at the Community/Forum.
Brian, I double-dog dare you…:joy:


Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)

Love Potion No. 9


Walk Don’t Run (Short)

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Evil Ways


Sultans of Swing

Johnny B. Goode

Have You Ever Seen the Rain (This is Demo 12 of a collab I did with LBro. He’s doing the drums on this one. But the one posted originally he did the vox. )

Green Onions

Brown Eyed Girl

You Said You’d Love Me (V2) (an original)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Light My Fire


Walk of Life

New York New York

I Shot the Sheriff



Wooly Bully (A collab with Romand and Cagn on Rocks)

House of the Rising Sun

White Rabbit

Stormy Monday


Be Happy (a cappella)

Ahhhh, Hey (Original | Bo Diddly style)


Inspired? Oh yeah Dave. I’m so glad you moved these here. I’m in heaven.

What a great archive of recordings Dave. I’m so glad you have brought them here as a record of your playing and progress. :slight_smile:

Spot on Maggie, glad you decided to ship them across Dave.:sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing your catalog here, Dave. Some great memories scanning the list, some great recordings to share as I read some posts this morning.

Every single one is a gem Dave, in my opinion it was a great move to migrate this over :+1:

What an impressive catalogue of music, very inspiring! I listened again to a few of my favourites (Sultans, Johnny B Goode, Walk of Life), and really enjoyed them. Glad you’ve posted them all over here.

Thank-you, Dave. Listening to Stormy Monday as I type this. What a groove!
To say I am inspired is a severe understatement. The thought that I could play this song anywhere close to what you have done in another 3 years (I am a bit under 18 months into my journey) gives me yet another reason to get out of bed in the morning :smiley:

Good stuff all the way around and then some! I even think I recall when you were NOT doing solo work. Glad that is a thing of the past for you!

Keep rock’n in 22’,

Haha, beware Old Man-
as a Regular, I believe I have been been given access to ‘more powerful spam flags’, which I shall not hesitate to wave at such clickbait comments like this in future :laughing:
Not a snowflake’s chance in Hell I’ll be nibbling on this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s heartwarming to see such a collection of meticulously transcribed and performed tunes available for all to marvel at. It’s a pity all your generous, positive comments from the old forum will vanish in the ether along with all the white noise/blathering some of us have spewed into the mix…
Look forward your next one already (flags locked & loaded).

So glad you migrated your songs over. I listened to I Shot the Sheriff (I’m currently tackling one of the goals in Intermediate Lessons to learn a song playing with Triads. This is it.)

Also enjoyed listening to a few others.

All so well done. You’ve learned so much in five years!

@batwoman Thanks, Batwoman. Inspired? Great. Puts a smile on my face.

@Richard_close2u Thank you, Richard. I wish I could have brought some the really old ones along, but I don’t have the originals and can’t link to the storage site where they are. Archives for the archives.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks, Toby. I appreciate it.

@DavidP Great memories indeed, David. It was really fun going all the way back and listening to the beginnings of this journey.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adi. But there’s a couple clunkers in there, too. You should hear some of the ones I couldn’t get. They are good for a belly laugh.

@mari Thank you, Mari. Thanks for taking a listen to some of those. Sultans, and Johnny B. Goode are, without exception, the two most ambitious projects I took on.

@ChasetheDream Ah, yes, Robert, Stormy Monday. That was a fun one to put together and a song I really like. I’m thrilled that it inspires you. And you can and will be able to play like that. But please set your sights higher. Just keep at it, and it will come. It’s a journey, not a sprint.


Thank you LB. Well I like the lead/solo stuff, but rhythm is what I really get into. I could strum chords all day - and some days I do!

@pkboo3 Thank you, Pam. Sheriff is a fun one to play, although my version is just a lot of improv. Triads are so cool. There’s a guy in our church worship band that only plays triads; never seen him play a barre chord. Make sure you post it. Will definitely be looking out for it.

@brianlarsen Beware? Spam flags?
Blimey!!! (blind me. oh, my) You, an esteemed member of this community, the ONLY ONE I gave a personal invitation to, come at me with a vitriolic indictment/accusations of waving clickbait comments at you just because you think I violated this HOA’s covenants against clickbait??? You, someone I hold/held in high regard as an entertainer, witty, full of great stories!! You, of all people. No, I wasn’t looking for a nibble; I was inviting you to yjr whole enchilada. But when I think about it, you, I believe, suggested I should be banished from the Forum. So I guess your post here should be no surprise.

Oh, I just read your last paragraph. If that was an attempt at redemption, it worked. You are forgiven, my son. And thanks for dropping by. I really do appreciate it.


Wow, these are all awesome. Would love to learn more about your process for laying down tracks & recording, and how you go about writing the original numbers! Very inspiring and would love to get to your level.

What a collection Dave. I’m glad you’ve moved them across into the one post. Inspired, yes I’m inspired by your back catalogue and look forward to your next new release.

@Singaporesl1ng That’s very nice of you, Mike.
Recording: I try to keep it simple. I consider my recording more of a garage band style rather than studio. I run guitar through a DigiTech RP155 effects pedals, through Focusrite Solo to Reaper DAW. I don’t use a lot of plugs; try to keep it to EQ, verb, delay and tone knob on the guitar. Usually lay down the rhythm tracks first (using metronome or drum beat), unless I’m recording a cover from the original. They usually don’t have a tight BPM, so play along with the original once I learn it and put the drums in last. I try to play drums on keyboard. I have 5 built in drum sets in the keyboard. Or using MTPower Drums, I’ll either play drums in or use one of their loops.
Bass guitar you hear is just my guitar being played through an octave-drop built into my pedal. Any horns, harmonica, bajo, etc. are just sounds built into my keyboard. I am self-teaching on the keyboard by transferring what I’ve learned on guitar to the keys.
As far as originals, honestly, I don’t set out to “write” originals; the words sort of just come to me after I laid down an instrument track. For example: on the Ahhhhh Hey, that started by me wanting to learn how to play a Bo Diddly rhythm. Once I got that it was just messing around until I got what I got. I’ll use whatever is available. In that song, I wanted a wood block and didn’t have one, so started beating the bottom of a glass aimed at the microphone. Not quite a wood block but worked for my purpose. But there was never a preconceived idea to “write” a song.
You are on your way, so just keep at it. Keep your ears open; there are much more accomplished players and mixers on the forum. You can learn a lot by just listening.
Sorry for the vagueness of the reply, but there is no formula I follow.

@sairfingers Hi, Gordon. This is but a partial; I can’t get to some of the old ones. I am so stoked by you and others saying they are inspired; makes my days! Thanks for stopping in and dropping those nice comments.

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