CCR: Ever Seen The Rain?

Great effort. This is one of my favourite bands and just a great song. Having recently started my own guitar journey, late in life, I know how difficult it is getting those changes to appear smooth. My fingers have a mind of their own and don’t respond as quickly as I’d like but I have found that it helps me to use the last up-strum at the end of each chord to begin my chord changes. You get a few notes ringing with the up-strum while your fingers move to their new positions (so less of a musical gap). I just keep up the strumming pattern and when my fingers don’t land quite right I can slightly reposition them while playing to make the chord sound a little better. My practice routine now includes time spent just ‘slowly’ switching between the chords that give me trouble. I’m finding this creates ‘muscle’ memory, helping my fingers know where to land. The other thing I’m trying with these changes is to start thinking about the next chords positioning just before I get to it. At least the open chords all seem much easier to play now that barre chords are coming into use. :grin: :guitar::guitar:

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OK Here is another take on Have You Ever Seen The Rain after 30+ practice sessions in Grade 2 consolidation. Still fairly rough but my main goal based on feedback was to keep the strumming hand moving which I think is an improvement from the first video above. Feedback always welcome!


Bravo, Jeff, I can see the practice is paying off. Strumming is much improved, far less stops and hesitations.

I suggest to target your practice on the chorus. Try slowing the tempo and work on those chord changes. Find a tempo where you can make the changes and stay on the beat.

I notice what looks like tension in your law jaw and mouth. The more you can relax your entire body the better.

Keep on keeping on, you are making good progress.


What David said, basically. Definite progress. Also try to hit the change on beat 1 - better to change early and get some open string strums than change late and not hit the new chord on the bar.

Great progress!


Well done Jeff. Just watched the before and after videos and definitely progress being made. As @DavidP says target your practice on the chorus and those chord changes. As @jkahn says practice forcing the change on those chord changes. Your making fantastic progress especially when your telling the left hand and right hand to do the opposite of what you originally trained them to do. Well done.

Good progress on the latest recording. Can only repeat what has been said above, all good comments and advice.


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Thank you. That’s the first thing I noticed when watching my recording was the tension in my face with the F barre :laughing: I do practice just the chorus for 3 minutes each session (F-G-C-Am) progression but at the same tempo. I will slow the tempo to more consistently hit the F on the first beat.