Celebrating a half decade birthday with a new guitar

Congratulations Tony! Enjoy that extraordinary guitar.

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Thanks for all your generous comments and birthday greetings. It’s been fun spending time getting to know the guitar better. I’m thrilled with the sound of it, it has the projection / volume I was looking for. I’m playing it mostly fingerstyle, my speciality and not using the thumb pick, just bare fingers and thumb.

I appreciate also the name suggestions. Lots of good ideas there.

I realize I also forgot to post the picture of the guitar handover from Luke the luthier to me.


Love the pic, Tony :smiley:.
Knowing the person who made your guitar, makes the instrument even more special :blush:.


Yeah, Luke is a great guy. He is the luthier that originally restored my 97 year old Harmony parlor guitar. He did a neck reset on it recently making sure it will get to it’s 100th birthday in great working order. He’s very well regarded in Australia.