Celebrating NGD -> I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys-Guitar Cover)

Hey everyone!
Suffered an extreme case of GAS yesterday, and ordered a Tele Player Series. Arrived today and feels really good, still a lot to test but love how it plays for now, the neck is thin so allows me to move faster, and it’s not heavy at all, great for long sessions of playing standing up.

Anyway, what better way to start its story than with a cover. I got a backing track (no vocals) to this great tune, and recorded directly via USB using my Katana mkII.

Lots of blunders, gosh! The timing went out the window at the end, but it’s a song that I’ll continue to work on!

Any tips on the playing is welcome as always, as well as on the mixing/recording.



Happy NCD Kevin! Nice bit of kit you have there, and it sounds great. Love the spotlight and shades too, proper rock star! :sunglasses:

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Wow Kevin that was fantastic, really well played! As I don’t know the original I haven’t picked up any flubs so for an average Joe you were great! On production perhaps BT a bit down would be better, but only a bit. Also shame the recording cut short so fast at the end, felt like you missed 0.5s to finish the note. But these are small things, well done and most of all Happy NGD! Guitar looks amazing!

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Look at that MOJO. dayum.

This song is a workout. It has strumming and lead work, quickly following up on each other.
Great job!

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Kevin has transformed into a mean lookin rock dude! :sunglasses: The power of the Tele. :guitar:

Very well played mate. Fast and furious with seamless changes between lead and rhythm. Not familiar with the tune, but you had my head rockin away there ‘Bill and Ted’ style. :sunglasses:

Cheers, Shane

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You drive this well and it has a great vibe…

All the best,

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Happy NGD Kevin - there’s even a rainbow over your shoulder to celebrate! :sunglasses:

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@Goffik thanks Ross, you know what they say, got to fake it till you make it :sunglasses:

@adi_mrok thank you Adrian, I recommend the original very much, shame I couldn’t find a BT with the vocals, and thanks for the tip!

@LievenDV thanks lieven, it definitely is! I have been working on it for months now, not quite polished yet but getting there.

@sclay appreciate it Shane, if you get a chance give that album a listen, you’ll be rocking your head all day :sweat_smile:

@LBro thank you! I wish I looked so relaxed though but still have to be very focused to not mess up haha

@Richard_close2u haha look at that! Hadn’t noticed


Great song, well played to celebrate what looks like a beauty :sunglasses:
(I’m jealous on all fronts1 :nauseated_face:)

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Great job, Kevin. I would say that Tele has found a good home…

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That’s really nice! Congrats, sounds fantastic! :smiley:

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Enjoy the tele, Kevin … sounds like a keeper so you can remove the sticker now :laughing:

Love that song. My brother gave me that album which is just tremendous rocking fun from first song to last.

And you rocked it like a pro. Bravo.

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Hi Kevin,
Happy NGD :sunglasses: :partying_face: and it looks and sounds beautiful…
Fast chord changes and bits of solo, enough to be proud of and with just a little time you play this as tight as a junky with speed and ecstasy…bravo

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@brianlarsen just get another guitar Brian, have to activate the economy :sweat_smile:

@ChasetheDream thanks Robert, I’ll try to take good care of it!

@Burnspot thank you Scott, the backing track does a lot for it haha

@DavidP thanks David, sticker gone now, all clean white and loving it! To me that’s one of my favorites debut albums ever.

@roger_holland thank you Roger, that’s the dream, I guess? Haha

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Super awesome Kevin! Transformation between Gallagher-esque acoustic singer songwriter and full on rocker complete. Crazy what one guitar purchase can do :rofl:.

Sounding great, and sweet Tele.

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Really cool cover Kevin ! :smiley:

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I never knew it was their first album. Really strong.

That’s another fun list … Great Debut Albums :smile:

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Watch out, in a few months I’ll be a metalhead at this rate! :rofl:

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That was brilliant Kevin, not an easy one to play I suspect but you really nailed it.

Happy NGD as well.

Loving the rock star look you have going on as well. :metal: :+1:

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Not easy but not super complicated either, it’s power chords and some lead using the pentatonic, but very demanding at my stage, because of the speed mostly!

Glad you enjoyed it, I’ll have to keep doing it for the next video won’t I :rofl: