Celebrity - IU (Cover)

I was bit quiet for the past two months, mostly because of catching Covid (twice) and the recent grim World events. It is hard to record something if your mind is elsewhere.

Anyway, this is quite important song for me. I was absolutely sold when I heard it for the first time back in January 2021. The lyrics are about the people that feel like “Odd Ones out”, that being odd is nothing wrong, odd ones can and are celebrities. Original song mv is below.

The version I recorded is not 100% how it suppose to sound, just basic melody line without any decorations and my right hand fingering is really not what it suppose to be (I’m currently re-learning whole piece with proper fingering). I’m hoping this song will grow with me and that in few years I will be able to record it again.

This was my first collaboration with my composer friend, Oskar Ingberg, who provided very subtle backing track that added whole level of depth to the song.


Amazing! :fire::clap::pray:

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Cool atmosphere, good picking, nice production; checking many boxes here!

I think your timing has been better though.
I know you’re making progress in this area and I saw vids of you having a more solid flow going on.
You’re focussing on that correct fingering so hard, the timing suffers a bit.


Two bouts of Covid! I’m sorry to hear that Radek.

Feeling as though one is the odd one out, a potent human theme. You play with a lightness of touch that goes deep into my psyche.

Well wishes to you Radek.

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Radek, hope you are fully recovered, back in full good health.

I enjoy watching you play and the song sounded good to my ears. I think the subtle backing track added a lovely ambience to the performance.

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Thank you most kindly Trond!

Thanks for feedback Lieven. Yes, this is uncharted territory for me. What I was recording so far was stylised period pieces or some relatively easy classical melodies. I’m finding timing of this song very tricky but I’ll keep practicing it with different fingering and adding more elements that fill “empty” gaps.

Thank you Maggie, I’m glad you addressed the message of the song, there so many things going wrong these days around the World, if more people were accepting and understanding we would live in happier place.

Thanks David! I’m still recovering, it will take some time though, first time it took over 10 day to get better. I’m happy you noticed backing track created by Oskar, I really like it, whole collaboration process as well :slightly_smiling_face:.


I hope you’re feeling better, getting it twice must be horrible and I hope you’re now back up to full speed.

I really enjoyed it Radek, some lovely picking going on.

Don’t know the song but I really enjoyed your version of it. Lovely fingerstyle on display. Well done.

Thank you Stefan. Well, after second time one can get used to it, it takes some weeks to get rid of it. Glad you liked the piece!

Thanks Gordon! Well, it is k-pop (Korean pop music), it is not very popular in the Europe (more in the US) but it gets more attention every year. There is a lot beautiful songs out there, some Korean dramas have wonderful soundtracks too, a lot of acoustic guitar going on there. Not to mention legendary acoustic guitarist Sungha Jung :slight_smile:.

Really nice instrumental piece. Well done, sounded great. btw I also liked the Witcher songs you have in your learning log, would love to give that kind of thing a crack one day (not anytime soon!)

Lovely fingerstyle. And the quality of the recording is outstanding!

Thank JK. There is definitely a few Witcher songs worth learning, they are nicely graded as well.

Thank you Ashwin, I’m still working on it :slight_smile:.

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Really good job mate, that’s a cracking cover. I think you got the base down right, you can always add decorations to make it more fancy. Hope you’re well too mate

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That is a beautiful song. Well done. I hope you are fully recovered from your bouts with Covid.

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Thank you Martin. Yes, this is my goal to make the song more complete by adding bridging rhythm elements.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it Mark. Yes, I’m covid free but unfortunately my career matters require now far more attention so my new recording ideas are waiting for the better time.