Ceremony - Joy Division/New Order

An oldie I posted about nine months ago on the old forum:

It’s always fun to watch where I was at a certain point of time. I might do a new video of this song in the future, to see if what might have changed during my progress.


Hey, there’s that cool-looking tele. :slight_smile:

I know you mentioned this was several months ago; I’d love to hear an updated version (with your new amp, too). The only thing I’ll mention on this version is that it looks like you might be playing with more tension than I’d want. I don’t think it made a huge difference, here, but it can be something to be aware of, as tension can affect your performance and make things more difficult.\

Thanks for sharing!

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Hello, Nice work learning all the parts. The single notes sound pretty clean. Fretting hand is good. I tend to make notes sound sharp. I have a Tele as well (Squier with p90s). I found I like the volume knob turned down a lot. I’m anywhere from 4-7. Anyway, after 9 mos how about an update or another cover!

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