Challenges with the Practice Routine functionality

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I just went back and reviewed unit 1. There is good stuff in there that’s not on the app, thanks for pointing me toward it. But the complication of the practice module seems disjointed somehow from the straight forward presentation of the material. I think I understand how to create things to practice, but seeing as I don’t know how to play guitar I would have thought the practice routine would be laid out for me (like the app.) Anyway I’ll just use both together.

PS I thought I found a way to populate practice at one point, but I couldn’t find it again when I went looking. UXD/UID might be a good next hire or consult.

Edit: an hour later…within Module 1, lesson #10 of 12, below the video there is a fourth link in addition to “Learn More”, “Discussion”, “Notes” titled “Practice” that allows you to save a suggested practice routine. Why not just have these in the practice space to begin with? Not a complaint, just an observation :guitar:


Thanks for the feedback on your experience with the Practice routine functionality.

I have not used it myself so can’t offer any specific feedback.

All feedback is good feedback, so I shall share this with the JustinGuitar team to reflect, consider, and use to continue to improve the website.

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Hi I am new to this community chat and I’m not sure how to access help, however I have an issue with a song on the app that I am learning which is 'If you Could Read my Mind ’ by Gordon Lightfoot. In the song there is a section near the beginning where the chords don’t sound correct. Its the part that includes the words - “Just like a paper-back novel the kind the drug stores sell” and on from there. It seems to be that the chords are all over the place in that section but as I am a beginner player, it might be that I’m stuffing it up. It would be good to have a look at the whole song to ensure its all correct. I am also wondering about the ‘D’ chord right at the start of the song. Okay hope someone gets back to me.
Cheers. Liz

Hello Liz! You posted your question as a response to different topic, so people might not find it. One of the moderators might move it for you if you wait a while, or you could repost it top level. Good luck with finding and answer.

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Hi Liz. Comparing to other references to the song the d chord for a start seems to be rouge.

I’ve sent an email to support, (which you can do from the settings bar in the app) see what comes back.

I would have suggested checking out the YouTube lesson, but Justin hasn’t done one for this song yet.

You could request this over on the website

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