Chancing chords without a scale / key into E Minor Scale


Me and my friend made a song few months ago but we are trying to remake it. The problem is when we were composing the song we didn’t choose any scale or key. We choose chords which fit with the harmony.

So our chords for Verse 1 and Verse 2 are : Am- Dm- G - Am

Chords for Pre - Chorus are : F - Am - Dm - G

Chords for Chorus are : Am- Dm- C - G

Now in the process of remarking the song I analyzed that E minor is my friend’s vocal key and I am also willing to change the chords to catch the Harmony between vocals and guitar. The question is I don’t know how to fit these unscaled chords into a scale / key. I hope that question is understandable.

Here is the song we made it without key or scale if you’d like to check the chords etc.

What is AM and DM?

A minor and D minor chords.

So, same as Am and Dm?

Yes they are Am and Dm. actually I wrote them in a wrong way sorry.

A caveat, I don’t really know the answer to your question, but I’m going to riff a little.

All those chords are in the key of C (or Am). You can transpose all the chords to G (or Em), using this mapping:

C  -> G 
Dm -> Am
Em -> Bm
F  -> C 
G  -> D
Am -> Em

Then see if that works for you friend’s vocal range.

A further point: is it possible that your friend can only sing in Em? It seems to me that most singers sing in a variety of keys and the key chosen for any given song will depend on the specific notes in the melody, in particular the highest and lowest notes in the song. But, I’m just speculating here, I have no experience.


Thank you very much me and my friend definitely try these. For your point I think you’re right As far as I know singers use many keys for ups and downs but I think most of the time they are in a specific key. Looks like my friend also change the frequency of his according to the harmony and the rhythm we will see what gonna happen thank you again.

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:laughing::laughing::laughing: wise guy

Actually, it was a serious question. He had written both Am and AM in the same progression, so I assumed they were somehow different.

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Hello again. I tried @jjw’s advice but it was not quite fit the way that I want. I found that the chords of “G,Am and C” are already in the key of E minor. So I just need to find a replacement for “Dm and F” but I am curious that is it ok to play some chords that are not in key of the song. For example my friend will try to sing the song in the key of E minor but I have “Dm and F” which are not in the key of E minor so is it ok to have outside chords like this? I don’t know how they do it as a professional producers :slight_smile:

Either way I will be ok to play outside chords in the key of E minor or I will need to replace those chords with in the key of E minor but I don’t know what are the equivalent for them and how to find them.

I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Why does the song need to be in Em. If your friend can sing in Em then he can sing in E. Your song is written in the Key of C or Am(where is the tonal center) to play it in play it in E put a Capo on the 4th fret this will transpose the song to E.
The fact that the chords G Am and C does change the song being in the Key of C

Or try using these chords
Verse 1 and Verse 2 are : Em- Am- D - Em

Chords for Pre - Chorus are : C - Em - Am - D

Chords for Chorus are : Em- Am- G - D