Changing Position and Pressure on Barre Chords when moving between Am and Fm

Hey all! I’m working on a tune with two E Shape Minor barre chords:

  • A minor on the 5th fret
  • F Minor on the 1st fret

I know Justin recommends trying not to change your position of your index fingering between different barres. For my case, though, I’m having to do a little bit of a finger bend as well as moving my index finger further along towards the low E string to get the Ab to come out.

I don’t feel like I’m squeezing too hard to make it work, just repositioning helps get the full sound out.

My question: is that appropriate technique? Will I regret building this habit later?

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I’m not the most technical one in the forum but if you feel comfortable with it, I don’t see any harm in doing so.

Barre chords are like driving a car: at the begining it takes a lot of effort and concentration but once you get used, easy peasy.


The distance between the strings is slightly different so if you can’t find a happy medium you’ll need to adjust. Try playing the Fm then slide it up to the Am without adjusting and vice versa. you may find middle ground. If not you’ll need to learn to adjust while doing the change.

@Josestrummingpattern @stitch Thanks for the help, guys! I’ll keep playing around with it. Looking forward to the easy-peasy part. :slight_smile:

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Keep it up, my friend! :muscle:

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