Changing profile picture | different user name

Ah yes it takes a little while to synch.
completely logging off and on again often works though ^^

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I have the same issue: I’d like the avatar on the main site to the one in the community as well.

It takes a little while. Try logging out and in on the main site and clearing cookies when logged out.

This is a funny one. The community automatically picked up a real old picture of me when I was much younger from somewhere - gravatar probably?

How long does it take to sync from the main site? I didn’t have one there and just added one.

Not sure how long it may take to sync, JK. You may also need to clear the browser cache/history to ensure it it doesn’t default to the older image when opening the Community.

Ages, you can also try to log into the Community in a different browser (Edge for instance on Microsoft) you don’t use which doesn’t have any past with this page. That way you can keep your history and cache in usual browser.

Yes, happened to me too when starting out on this board.

That might just be the easiest trick to make it work AND the easiest to document ^^.
@jkahn could you try that and let us know?

I think that’s what I have done as I didn’t want to be logged out of different websites where my password wasn’t remembered :grinning: not 100% sure though so would be interesting to see if it works for JK

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Looks like it worked @adi_mrok @LievenDV

I didn’t even use a different browser, I used a private window in Safari. Strangely it showed my old avatar in the private window, but as soon as I went back to my regular browser the new avatar was there. Didn’t even have to log out.

Never been so happy to look a decade older. Haha.

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