Check out this attic find!

Check out what my husband gave me. It’s going to be gorgeous when I get it back from the shop. A 1920’s to 1930’s Regal parlor. It still had what looked to be original strings. It’s so ugly, it’s pretty. Help me name it.


Wow thats some find!

I really like the fretboard on that, so cool!

Sweet. A Regal, eh? You should name it Elizabeth.


So exciting Crystal. I hope the luthier can restore it and it’s a dream to play.

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Nice find. I love old guitars my oldest is a 1947 Gibson.
It’s the middle guitar in my avatar.


That’s gorgeous, it’s going to be a great blues box!
I think that you should call her Queenie, to be the Queen of the blues! :+1:


What a wonderful find Crystal. Can’t wait to see it after the restoration.

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Thank you. I am told it’s affectionately called mother of toilet seat. It adds character.

Thank you. Me too.


How about pearl then?
Thinking mother-of-pearl.


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That looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it restored and hear what it sounds like.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Crystal, for no reason I can explain, when I saw the pics the name Celeste popped into my mind.

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Mother of toilet seat is what I’m told it’s called. Not sure of the real name. I wish it were mother of pearl. I still love it though.

I like where this is going. Betty Lou maybe.

Betty Lou Thelma Liz.

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It’s called pearloid. I’m not sure when it was invented. Depending
on when your guitar was made and how high end it is it could be
real Mother of Pearl. The term Mother of toilet seat comes from
Pearloid being plastic.

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