Checking live editing

I wanted to see if one can see editing live of a post/reply or do I need to refresh.

Anyone who is interested in a test please comment on this thread, submit a reply and then edit it however you like - I will try to be here until I get a reply from someone to see if editing is visible live.

Here I am Adrian. Not sure I follow what you are testing

Now I am editing

OK, I get it. You have the post open and want to see if this appears automatically.

Try to edit this post David to anything you want. Just want to see if I need to refresh to see editing or I don’t.

Try again please I was posting reply lol

Okay it appears automatically, testing completed :smiley: Many thanks guys.

Changing what I wrote to see what hapens

OK I’ve saved an edit

So it does … if you scroll up and happen to notice

Yes saw that many thanks David :slight_smile:

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Moved this to the questions and issues category, as this was for testing

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Are you still watching Adi ?
Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll edit this,

Done and dusted Toby unless you want to see it yourself?

If you do then let me know if you seen this being edited live.

No worries, working on some other material to move, so all good. :sunglasses: